Our Story

Morgen was founded in 2021 as a spin-off of ETH Zurich, one of the world's leading technical universities. It is the result of what we have learned over 4+ years of research and experimentation on the field and we are proud to share our vision transparently.
Hey everyone —
It’s David and Marco here, founders of Morgen!
The world has evolved, calendars not so much.
Calendars are the place where we organise our time, but that isn’t as easy anymore. People often switch devices and have to manage multiple calendars at once. Think about your family shared iCloud calendar, Office 365 for work, Google for your daughter’s football matches, maybe a Nextcloud account for volunteering projects too. With the major players cutting out support for other data sources, it is hard to find out there a single platform that allows you to integrate all calendars across all your laptops.
Time is also more and more fragmented. In a team, everything is more short-lived than it used to be, and everything must be more efficient. As a consequence, meetings got shorter but more condensed, naturally reducing focus time and increasing stress. As the main tool for time management, calendars should do better at preventing this.
We are not here to reinvent the wheel, but to use technology to bring back calendars to their full potential, to go beyond just synchronizing two or more aspects of your life.
This is the mission we are on, and here is how we have done it and we intend to proceed going forward.
🌎 Universality. We believe everyone deserves to have control of their time with the best tools. We do not discriminate against less popular platforms or calendar providers.
👍 Community-focused. We might be the cooks, but you are the one ordering at the table! We built in a community platform for all users to share their ideas and upvote those of others.
🔒 Privacy. We believe it’s immoral to profit from your data by selling your information, e.g., with advertisement. We create a product with and for you, full stop. We do not compromise on this.
⭐ User Experience. We make time management as easy and functional as you’d expect it to be in a time when we are talking about landing the man on Mars. While some are taking care of that, you can join us to shape how to integrate all aspects of one’s time in a single flawless experience.
We look forward to hearing you out.
Dave & Marco
Still have a question about Morgen? Feel free to reach out.