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Navigate your calendars and create events

In this guide, we'll show how to navigate your calendars in the Morgen desktop app, and how to quickly create events in the week calendar view.

Before you begin

If you haven't already, install Morgen on your Mac, Linux or Windows PC.

Navigation controls

Morgen's main window presents three controls dedicated to navigation and switching views:

1. The Calendar Views menu

This button in the top toolbar displays the name of the current calendar view – the Week view in this screenshot. Clicking on it opens the Calendar Views menu:

In this menu, you can switch between the available calendar views: Day, Week, Month, Agenda... Keyboard shortcuts for quickly switching views are listed next to each view button in the menu.

💡 The default view is the Week view. It offers a nice balance between displaying enough days to let you plan your time effectively, whilst letting you see each day's schedule in detail.
2. Current, Previous and Next controls

Click on the arrows to jump to the previous or next month, week or day, depending on your current calendar view. Click on  to jump back to the current.

⚡️ Use the arrow keys on your keyboard for faster navigation between days, weeks and months.
3. Quick-Nav widget

Click on the calendar icon at the bottom left of the window to open the Quick-Nav widget. It's a handy 'day of the month' selection tool which remains open even as you switch between calendar views:

Creating events

Click on the desired day and time in the calendar view to create an event. By default, the event's duration will be 30 minutes. You can easily create a new event of a custom duration by selecting an entire time slot in the Week or Day view. Check out the video below for a more in-depth look at creating events in Morgen:

Displaying specific calendars

Click on the calendar icon in the top toolbar to open the Calendars menu:

In the screenshot above, only the two calendars in Work Account are checked, which results in Morgen only displaying events from those. Simply click on any calendar's checkbox to toggle its visibility.

Calendar sets

For fast switching between different sets of calendars, assign each calendar to one or more sets:

  1. Click on the No set label of any calendar in the menu
  2. Select the sets you want the calendar to belong to
  3. Sets are numbered from 0 to 9. Use the corresponding key on your keyboard to display calendars in a given set.

For example, you could assign work calendars to sets 0 and 1, and personal calendars to sets 0 and 2. You would then type 0 on your keyboard to view all calendars, 1 to focus on your work calendars, and 2 to only display your personal calendars. The video below illustrates how it's done.

Gregorio Zanon