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How to create and share your custom booking page

What is a Morgen booking page?

Your booking page is your unique calendar page to share with anyone who wants to book time with you. Not only is it fast and easy for others to schedule a meeting with you, but it’s also a great way to keep you in control of when others can book your time.

From your booking page, others can schedule meetings when you're available and based on your preferences.

Every Morgen account, regardless of subscription plan, includes a customizable booking page. Morgen Pro subscribers have additional personalization options as part of our white labeling package.

Customize your booking page

Make your booking page your own and an extension of your other communications. You can personalize your Morgen booking page with a message, personal url, and branding.  

All Morgen accounts include a booking page. Find the link and custom options in the scheduling tab.

To do so:

  • Click on Scheduling on the upper left corner of Morgen to open the scheduling bar  
  • Next to Your Personal Booking Page click on the ellipse (…)
  • Select Customize Booking Page
Personalize your page with a message, custom link and your branding.

From here you can personalize:

  1. Your booking page url. Simply change the subdirectory of the url from the default provided. You can include your name, your company, etc. Note that this url is not indexed and people can only find your booking page from the shared link.  
  1. Add a message. Add a title and welcome message for those who visit your page.  
  1. Branding. Morgen Pro subscribers can further brand their page by choosing whether to display Morgen branding, selecting their brand color for the background, and including their logo.
Tip: You’ll have to update your invitees with your new link if you modify it after sharing.

Once you’ve customized your page, you can see how it looks by clicking on the url displayed below Your Personal Booking Page in the scheduling sidebar.

Select the associated calendars

With your booking page, we will only display times when you’re available. To do so, Morgen will check your availability in real-time based on the calendars you choose.  

Select which of your calendar accounts your booking page availability should be based on.

From Profile & Preferences, select Availability. You will see a list of all your connected calendars. For those calendars that should be checked when displaying your availability, toggle them on. For those that shouldn’t be considered, leave the toggles off and to the left.  

Set-up meeting options

You can then populate your booking page with a variety of options for the types of meetings that can be create. You will do so using Morgen’s Recurrent Links.

Populate your booking page with meeting options using recurrent links.

To create recurrent scheduling links:

  • Open the scheduling side bar of Morgen by clicking on Scheduling in the upper left corner
  • Click on the purple Create Scheduling Link button
  • Select Recurrent Scheduling Link
Delete, change and add new blocks of time for when the meeting can occur in the calendar, then define the meeting parameters in the sidebar.

You will then see an empty calendar with default blocks of time highlighted in black. These blocks of time represent the windows of time during which meetings can be booked. You can keep these default blocks, move or delete them, and/or add new ones by simply highlighting the area you would like.  

As you add and change the highlighted blocks of time, you’ll see those changes reflected in the list of times the left.

Tip: Regardless of the blocks of time you highlight when creating your recurrent scheduling link, your real-time availability will also be checked in the calendar(s) you choose, making sure invitees can only select times when you’re actually available.

Then complete the form on the left to set the parameters of the meeting, including:

  • Meeting title, which will be displayed on your booking page
  • Virtual room, by selecting from your virtual conferencing accounts that have already been connected to Morgen
  • Any notes you want to be included in the meeting event
  • Length of meeting
  • Which of your connected calendars this event should appear in  
  • Limits on how soon and how far out these meetings can be booked
  • Custom reminders for both you and the invitee

Once you’ve filled out the details, click Save & Copy Link.

Preview the meeting details to see what your invitees' experience will be like.

You can also opt to see a preview of the link first by clicking on Preview in Browser just below the save buttons, then adjust it accordingly.

You choose which recurrent links should be listed on your booking page by making them public.

Note that recurrent links won’t by default appear on your booking page. To add the link to your page, from the Scheduling sidebar, scroll down to your recurrent links. You can then click on the ellipse and select Add to Booking Page. Those recurrent links that are on your page will always have a little house icon next to them.

Add as many different meeting options to your booking page as you would like by repeating the steps above.

Share your booking page

Your booking page is now ready to share with the world!  The unique url for your booking page is not indexed. People will only find it when you share it. Include it in emails, your email footer, from your webpage, and more.  

Use the embed code provided to add your booking page to your website.

You can also embed your booking page on your website.  To do, from the scheduling side bar, click on the ellipse next to Your Personal Booking Page > select Embed in your webpage. You can then copy the personalized code into your website to add the Morgen widget.

Meeting invites

When someone books a meeting from your booking page, you will both receive a meeting invite and the event will appear in your associated calendar. From that invite, they are also able to change the time or cancel, either of which will trigger an updated invite for you both.  

Brenna Donoghue
Head of Marketing