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Connect Google, Outlook/Office 365, Apple Calendar, Fastmail, Zimbra, Zoho and other CalDAV solutions. An all-in-one calendar and meeting scheduler for all aspects of your time.
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Easy scheduling

Easily share your availability using Morgen's scheduling links, availability sharing, and booking page tools. You set the rules for when and how you want to meet, then let others book the time that works.

No external schedulers required.

No need for external CalDAV plugins

Forget about the hassle of integrating CalDAV into Outlook. Morgen brings a modern and powerful calendar app to all desktop systems, and works out of the box with all calendar providers, including your own CalDAV server.

Join thousands of happy fellows

Sync with iCloud just worked. None of the others I tried did.
There are no other solutions like Morgen for Windows. The default calendar app on Windows 10 is awful and the other solutions are overwhelming and not simplistic.
It's beautiful and I can have two different calendars in one, so no double-booking.

Keep your data private

We don't serve ads, we don't sell your data, and we never will. By default, Morgen synchronizes all you calendar data locally. Account credentials are not stored on our cloud unless you decide to opt-in for advance features, such as Shared Availability and Scheduling Links. The choice is up to you.

Time block to get more done

Organize your backlog and plans using Morgen's task manager or one of our many task integrations. Then simply drag and drop to-dos into your calendar to protect focused work time that will appear as busy by default to others.

Bring Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, Fastmail, and all CalDAVs together.

Available on Windows, Mac and Linux
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Free 14 days trial. No credit card required.