Morgen is now on mobile.

Bring Morgen with you. Check meeting details, update your schedule, and add to-dos as they arise. Our Android and iOS apps are the perfect companion to Morgen for desktop.
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iOS and Android apps are a companion to Morgen on desktop.
Create your account first on Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Manage all your calendars on the go

Once you connect your calendars in Morgen, you can see and manage them all from your mobile – including traditionally tough configurations like Apple Calendar on Android and some CalDAVs on mobile.

Add to-dos as they come up

To-dos don’t wait until you’re at your computer. Add and complete tasks to Morgen on the go. These will always stay in sync with your Morgen desktop app and task integrations.

Share your availability on the go

Need to quickly share your availability in a meeting? Your Scheduling Links and Booking Page are linked in the app for quick copy into your DMs.

You pick, light or dark

Morgen is available in light and dark mode. The mode will display based on your device settings.

Morgen for mobile is your desktop companion.

Our mobile app is still undergoing rapid development based on user feedback. While it has the primary functionality of our desktop app, Morgen remains desktop first.  

To access Morgen on mobile, you will need to first create an account on your computer.

Your data is secure and private

We will never serve you ads or sell your data. By default, Morgen synchronizes your calendar data locally. Your account credentials will not be stored on our cloud unless you opt-in for advanced features such as Shared Availability and Scheduling Links.

The best calendar app across all your devices.

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