Optimal scheduling for the whole team

Help Your Team Focus

Prioritize focus time so your team can tackle important work without context switching from meetings.

You decide what meetings are flexible. Morgen Assist will find the optimal time for everyone.
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Stay in Control of Rescheduling

You Set the Parameters

Morgen Assist finds the ideal times for flexible meetings to continuously create focus time. Our algorithms reschedule meetings to open more uninterrupted focus time for everyone on the invite.

You define:

  • Which meetings are flexible
  • Working hours and time zones
  • When breaks should be prioritized
Conflicts Resolved

Conflicts happen, we resolve them

Flexible meetings will also be adjusted in response to conflicts that come up.

  • Flexible meetings will be rescheduled to resolve conflicts
  • If 2 flexible meetings conflict, rescheduling will optimize timing for everyone across both invites
Actionable Insights to Find More Focus

Get Insights on your Team’s Time

Get more info about how much of your team’s time is spent in meetings, in focus work, and in fragmented not-so-productive blocks of time. We’ll provide smart recommendations to help your team get more time for deep work.
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Frequently asked questions

What meetings will be rescheduled?
Morgen Assist will only reschedule those meetings that are marked as #flex and for which the other invitees are also part of your team in Morgen.
Meetings with people outside of your Morgen team will not be rescheduled.
My team works across multiple time zones. Is that considered when rescheduling events?
Meetings will only be rescheduled during all invitees’ working hours, taking into consideration your settings as to when you work and in which time zone.
How soon can a meeting be rescheduled?
We know meetings require prep, so we will never reschedule a meeting with less than 24 hours' notice.
Meetings within the next seven days can be rescheduled, but never beyond that as we know, schedules change.
How will I know if a meeting has been rescheduled?
All attendees will receive an email notification, along with the meeting now appearing in a new time in their calendar.

Ready to get started?

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