A more accurate daily schedule


Auto-schedule a quick breather between back-to-back meetings, time to commute to a meeting across town, or a meeting blocker when you have a private appointment.

Tailor each workflow to work best for you.
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Travel time planned for you

Auto-Schedule Travel

Deploy the Travel Time workflow so that travel to and from events is accurately calculated and scheduled into your day.

Travel Time is calculated for all events with a location using Google maps.

  • Set your work location
  • Choose your mode of travel
  • Request travel to or round trip
  • Choose to add extra buffer
Take a pause between meetings

Auto-Schedule Buffers

Endless back-to-back meetings make it impossible to get from one to another, grab a cup of coffee, or take a quick break.  

Customize your buffer time including:

  • How long
  • How often
  • Differing buffers following long vs short meetings
Sync events across calendars

Block Time for Personal Events

Connect multiple calendars to Morgen Assist to sync events from one calendar to another. Synch events from a personal calendar to a work one to block the time with a placeholder event titled 'Private Event'.

Customize it to work for you using Nerd Mode.
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