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Popular guides

Download and install Morgen on your Mac, Linux or Windows PC
Morgen is available for Windows, Linux and macOS.
Getting started with Morgen
If you’re new to Morgen, you’re in the right place.
Get Morgen on iOS and Android
With Morgen's apps for iOS and Android, you can now manage your time seamlessly across devices. Morgen’s mobile app is available for all Morgen users and is an extension of our desktop app.
Navigate your calendars and create events
In this guide, we'll introduce the navigation controls in the Morgen desktop app and show you how to quickly create events.
How to add multiple alerts to calendar events
Morgen lets you set as many alerts as you want, so, not only will you never miss an event, but you can set alerts to help you prepare for events.
Using subtasks in Morgen
You can add and schedule subtasks now in Morgen, making it easier to keep track of all the little steps along the way.
The starter guide to managing your tasks on Morgen desktop
Morgen brings your calendar and tasks together into one shared experience, allowing you to easily see your top priority tasks and find time to tackle them.
Create events and tasks faster with Morgen's command bar
CMD+K is your shortcut to Morgen's command bar, the fastest way to create events and tasks in Morgen. Here's how.
How to create and share an Open Invite
Open Invites dramatically improve the meeting invitation process for both the organizer and the invitee. Here's how to create and share them for your next meeting.
How to use Morgen Scheduling Links
Morgen scheduling links are a great way to let others book time with you for recurring meetings. Here's how to create, customize and share your scheduling links.
How to get the most from your Morgen Booking Page
Morgen Booking Pages are your unique and customized scheduling page that you can share with others so they can easily book time with you.
Team Availability Check
In this guide, you’ll learn how to use Morgen’s Availability Check.
How to manage multiple time zones in your calendar
With Morgen, you can easily view multiple time zones right in your calendar.
How to integrate virtual conferencing with Morgen
Connect your virtual conferencing accounts to Morgen to easily add virtual rooms to any event.
How to reorder Morgen task lists
Morgen task lists can now be reordered on both our desktop and mobile apps.