September 22, 2023
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How to use Morgen Scheduling Links

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What is a Scheduling Link?

Morgen scheduling links are a great way to let others book time with you for recurring meetings. These are ideal for meetings that happen more than once, and in many cases, that multiple people will want to book with you over time.

From checks-ins with your team members to introductory sales calls with prospective clients to first-round interviews with potential hires, you probably have some (if not a lot) of recurrent meetings that take an administrative toll to book.

With Morgen Scheduling Links you can create a link per event type, choose the recurring time slots that should be offered for attendees to pick from, and be shared either directly with individuals or publicly through your Morgen Booking Page.  Note that Scheduling Links and a Booking Page are both available as part of your Morgen Pro subscription.

How to create a Morgen Scheduling Link

To create a Scheduling Link:

  • From the left sidebar in your Morgen Desktop app, click on the Booking Page icon.
  • Below the link to your Booking Page, you will see a list of links called Scheduling Links – Public. Click on the + to create a new Scheduling Link.
Your Booking Page tab is the place to go to manage your Scheduling Links.
  • Highlight the areas of your calendar that you want to be offered for this particular type of meetings. Since these are times for recurrent meetings, try to pick the days of the week or portion of the day that are best suited to this type of meeting. (Note that the calendar will appear blank, but the time slots offered through your Scheduling Links will always be cross-checked against your Busy Calendars to ensure you are available.)
Highlight areas of the calendar canvas for your base availability.

  • Add meeting details on the left tab, including meeting name, duration, and virtual conferencing details.  
  • You can add advanced specifications including whether your availability should be cross-checked against your Busy Calendars (by default, they will be).  
  • A distinct url will be generated for the Scheduling Link. You can choose to customize this if you would like, by simply overwriting the automatically generated url in the open field.
Share your Scheduling Link directly after saving it, or share your Booking Page.
  • Once complete, simply click the Create & Copy Link button.  

How to share your Scheduling Link

Once your Scheduling Link has been created you can share it in two ways.

Option 1. When you click Create & Copy Link, you can then paste the url into an email, Slack, Teams, etc. Message to share it directly with your invitee. (You can also find the url anytime in your list of Scheduling Links in the Booking Page tab.)

When you share the url directly, invitees will click directly into the invite page and can book time with you there.

Invitees can select a day and time based on when you are available.

Option 2. By default, your scheduling link will be added to your Morgen Booking Page. Anyone with a link to your Morgen Booking Page will be able to schedule time with you through this link. (Note that your Booking Page is not publicly indexed, so can only be found by those who have the direct link or, if you embed it on your website, discover it there.)

From your Booking Page, invitees can select the desired type of meeting, then book time with you.

What your invitee will experience

Booking time with you through a Scheduling Link is quick and easy for your invitees.  

Whether they enter through the Scheduling Link you shared directly or by selecting the meeting from your Booking Page, invitees will:

  • From the calendar, select from the days highlighted (the highlights indicate the days that have available meeting slots).  
  • Pick from the slots listed on that day.  
  • Add their name, email and any additional notes to confirm the meeting.  
  • Click Confirm.

Once confirmed, Morgen will send a confirmation email to both you and the attendee. Additionally, the event will appear in your calendars. Once that has happened, that time slot will no longer be offered to others who are booking time with you through that same Scheduling Link.

How to cancel or reschedule the meeting

If you or the attendee need to cancel the meeting, you can do so directly from the meeting details in your respective calendars. Click the link to cancel, then confirm the cancellation. This will remove the event from your calendar and trigger a cancellation email to you both.

If the meeting attendee needs to reschedule, they can click on Reschedule from the event details in their calendar. From there, they can select an alternate time from your Scheduling Link. Once confirmed, this will move the event in your calendars. You will each receive an email notifying you of the change.

How to manage and edit your Scheduling Links

Your Scheduling Links are all listed on your Booking Page tab, including those that are set to private and that don’t appear on your Morgen Booking Page.

From the list of Scheduling Links, you can edit your links, get the embed code to add them to your website, and copy the links to reshare them. Additionally, if there are links you don’t want to appear on your Booking Page, you can set those to Private.

You can manage, edit, and delete Scheduling Links anytime.

FAQs about Morgen Scheduling Links

What if my availability changes?

When your invitee clicks on your Scheduling Link, they will only be offered time slots that are available in real-time in your Busy Calendars. If new events have been booked that overlap with the time slots you provided in your Scheduling Link, they will not be offered as options to book.

If you will be unavailable for full days and want to ensure those days aren’t offered for your Scheduling Links, ensure your Out of Office Events are marked as busy (by default, Morgen considers all-day events free, but these can be manually changed to busy).

What is a busy calendar?

When you configure Morgen, you decide which of your calendars should be considered when showing when you are busy vs. available. Those Busy Calendars are the ones used to show in real time when you are available, ensuring your availability in your Scheduling Links (as well as in Team Availability and your Open Invites) reflects your current schedule.  

Will an invite be generated when I click Create & Copy Link?

No, an invite will not be automatically sent since Scheduling Links are not associated with a particular invitee. You can copy and share the Scheduling Link directly through email, Slack, SMS, etc., share the link to your Booking Page, or embed the link or Booking Page on your website.

Do I need to pick time slots that are the same as the duration of the meeting?  

No, feel free to pick a long time slot to avoid having to click on multiple smaller slots. Your Scheduling Link will then break that longer time into possible meeting slots based on the duration you specify in the meeting details.

Additionally, if you pick a long time slot that overlaps with other events in your calendar, those times will not be offered to invitees, so long as it is in a calendar that has been selected as a Busy Calendar in your invite.

Can I create and share Scheduling Links from Morgen’s mobile apps?

Scheduling Links can only be created on Morgen’s desktop app. However, you can easily share individual Scheduling Links or your Booking Page from mobile. Simply select the link tab from the bottom navigation on Morgen’s mobile app.  

There you will see a list of all your Scheduling Links and your Booking Page, with an easy copy button for each.  Simply paste the url into an email, Slack, or SMS/Whatsapp/Signal/Telegram, etc. to an invitee.

Can I use a Scheduling Link to book a meeting with multiple people?

Not at this time. Scheduling Links are designed for 1:1 meetings. We have scoped scheduling solutions for multi-person meetings, but these are not yet available. If you are interested in scheduling tools for multi-person meetings, please check out our Roadmap to cast your vote and add comments.

Can I use a Scheduling Link for a one-time meeting?

If you want to create an invite to a specific one-time meeting and offer your invitee options to pick from when it comes to timing, we recommend using Morgen’s Open Invites instead.

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