September 22, 2023
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How to set up your Busy Calendars

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When you use Morgen's scheduling tools and Team Availability feature, you're making it easy for others to book time with you when it works with your schedule.

To make that possible, Morgen needs to check your availability in real-time, only showing others times they can meet with you that are 'free' in your calendar.

What are Busy Calendars in Morgen

Since we know that your work calendar alone is probably not a complete picture of your commitments, you can choose which calendars your availability should be based on. This means that even for work scheduling purposes, you can include personal calendars, etc. in your list of Busy Calendars, so a greater picture of your availability is taken into account.

Note that the events in your Busy Calendars always remain private to you.

  • When using external scheduling features such as Open Invites, Scheduling Links, and your Booking Page, others never see what is in your calendar, they simply see times to book you when you are free.
  • In the case of Team Availability, your colleagues will see an amalgamated view of all your Busy Calendars, but the events will simply be listed as 'Busy'.

In order for Morgen to fetch this information, all Busy Calendars need to be connected to the Morgen Cloud.

How to set up your busy calendars

You can set up your Busy Calendars from the Morgen desktop app. To do so, simply:

  • click on your profile picture in the bottom left corner
  • select Preferences from the menu
  • select Availability from the menu
  • use the toggles next to each calendar. By toggling on, you are selecting that calendar to be considered a Busy Calendar.

You can always change these preferences by toggling off calendars, thus removing them from your busy calendar list.

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