Task management in your calendar

It’s one thing to write down your to-dos, it’s another to schedule them. Morgen brings your task lists and calendars together, so you can easily schedule dedicated time to get the work done.
Morgen’s task manager integrates with your favourite to-do apps including Todoist, making it easy to track, prioritize, schedule, and complete your to-dos on time.

Schedule tasks in your calendar

When you move your to-dos from a list to your calendar, you’ll be amazed by how much more you achieve. Simply drag and drop tasks into your calendar to block dedicated time. Not only will time blocking help you maintain focus, it will prevent others from booking time with you when you need to focus.

Manage your task lists

Create multiple task lists to manage different projects and priorities and colour code them to quickly distinguish tasks in your calendar. Morgen syncs with your connected task apps, so when you mark something as complete in Morgen, it will be reflected in its origin app as well.

Sort by importance and urgency

Sort and resort tasks inside of a task list or across all lists to make sure you are always on top of the most important things to do.

Check off more to-dos with Morgen

Accomplish more with Morgen.

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