Get More Done

The ultimate planner

To-do lists are filled with good intentions. But when you schedule and dedicate time to accomplish a task, it’s amazing what you can.  

Morgen brings your tasks and calendars together, for realistic planning and task scheduling.
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Time Block

Schedule Time to Make it Happen

Schedule your tasks to protect your time.

Drag and drop tasks from the task manager into your calendar to block dedicated time to get that to-do done.

Copy paste additional time slots for big tasks or use subtasks to break tasks into smaller, clearly defined sessions.

Mark Complete

Take a Moment to Celebrate

Mark your task complete and celebrate with confetti.

When you complete a task, check the box. This will remove it from your Morgen tasks, update in your task integrations, and best of all, give a little celebration.

All Your Tasks Consolidated

Integrate Your Task Managers

Level up your task manager. When you mark a task complete in Morgen, it will be reflected in your underlying task manager, such as Notion, Todoist, Linear, Google Tasks and Microsoft To Do.

Coming soon: ClickUp and Obsidian
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Advanced Time Blocking

Time Blocking is one of the most effective ways to protect the time you need to focus on work that matters.

Recurrent Patterns

Set recurrent scheduling rules for tasks that come up daily, monthly, or every 37th day... you decide.

Easily Reschedule

Not everything goes to plan. Copy/paste to add another time block or simply drag an incomplete task to another day.

Mark it Free or Busy

Set important task-time to busy to protect that time from being booked through scheduling links.

Select the Calendar

Have one calendar dedicated to tasks, or schedule tasks across different calendars.

Ready to get started?

Bring your tasks, calendars, scheduling, and time blocking together.