Tasks, designed for Monotasking

Monotasking preserve your brain health and keep you more productive. Morgen bring all your tasks and calendars together, and allows you to block your focus time in a snap.
Your time is one. You have a single timeline for the team meeting, for watching the finals on TV, and for walking the dog. Why would you break the organisation of your time across different apps?

Defend your time for things you want to do

Drag and drop anything you need and want to do, adjust the time to dedicate to it, and that’s it, you are all set. People in your team will see you as busy.
Put each task in any of your calendars, all of them are managed in Morgen anyway.

Task lists

You can create as many tasks lists as you want, one for each project and aspect of your life. Assign a colour to each list to easily distinguish your tasks in the calendar view.

Priorities and sorting

Set priorities and due dates for each task.
Sort and resort tasks inside of a task list or across all lists to make sure you are always on top of the most important things to do.
All the info you need at one glance, priorities and due date right there.

Schedule your day, avoid distractions

Organise your today in the morning by dragging and dropping tasks from the backlog into the Today list.
Once you have selected what to do, you might want to decide also when to do it by scheduling the tasks into your calendar.

Start defending your time with Morgen

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