Frequently Asked Questions

Does Morgen integrate with all calendar providers?
Just about. Morgen connects with Google Calendar, Exchange on Premise, Office 365, Outlook, Yahoo!, Apple Calendar, NextCloud, ownCloud, Zoho, Fastmail, and even your own self-hosted CalDAV server.

We don’t currently integrate with Proton Calendar because they don’t have an API available.

If you try to connect a calendar of any kind and it doesn’t work, please let us know we’ll help.
How many calendars can I connect with Morgen?
Morgen Pro subscriptions include unlimited calendar connectivity. With a Morgen Personal subscription, you can connect two calendar accounts. With Morgen’s free plan, you can connect one calendar.
Does Morgen have a native calendar or do I need to connect an external calendar?
Morgen does not have a native calendar at this time. To use Morgen, you will need to connect at least one external calendar account.

If you would like a native calendar option in Morgen, please share that feedback on our Roadmap!
Who can see my calendar in Morgen?
Right now, only you. Even when you use Morgen’s scheduling tools (both scheduling links and booking pages), your invitees will only see the times you marked as available, NOT what is in your calendar.

We are currently working on team-based features which will allow you to decide who else should be able to view your calendar and what visibility levels they will have. Even once such features are rolled out, default settings will always be for you alone to see your calendar and only you can decide what permissions to grant.
Can I use Morgen with my team?
Morgen is starting to onboard teams and will soon launch our team-based features in Beta. If you and your team are interested in Morgen and want to be one of our early-bird teams, please let us know. We can share more information, provide team-based pricing, and support onboarding.
Can I embed and personalize my Morgen Booking Page?
Yes, we think the best booking pages are the ones that feel personalized. Add your photo, a message, and the types of events people can book with you. You can embed the Morgen scheduling widget on your website or share your page hosted by Morgen.
What is the difference between a scheduling link and a booking page?
With Morgen, you have access to two types of scheduling tools: scheduling links and personalized booking pages. In a nutshell, both are easy ways for you to share your availabilities with others.

- Scheduling links are usually made for specific events (either one time or recurrent). You select the times you’re available, the specific parameters of the meeting, and simply share the link with your invitee. They’ll select the time that works best for them, generating an invite in both of your calendars.
- Your booking page is your always-on availability. Here you can list which types of meetings can be set-up and when you’re available. Morgen will only show time slots that are available in real-time from your calendar.
Is Morgen available in my browser?
Morgen is currently only available as a desktop and mobile app (available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android).

This gives us greater flexibility when it comes creating a great user experience, providing custom shortcuts, and maintaining strong privacy controls. If you are interested in Morgen for your browser, please let us know by upvoting it on our Roadmap.
Does Morgen sync across my devices?
Yes, Morgen syncs in real-time across all your devices.
Does Morgen work on iOS and Android?
Morgen’s mobile apps are currently in Beta. Subscribers of Morgen’s Pro and Personal plans have early access.
How do I access Morgen on Android and iOS?
Morgen’s mobile apps are currently in Beta and not yet available in the app stores.

If you are a Morgen Pro or Morgen Personal subscriber, you will need to first download Morgen for your desktop. From there, click on your profile picture – from the first item in the dropdown menu, you'll find your access code to our mobile versions.
What are the advantages of integrating my virtual conferencing platform with Morgen?
Morgen integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex. By integrating your conferencing tool, you can:
- Add meeting room details to events with one click
- Have conferencing details automatically appear in invites booked from your scheduling links or booking page
- See your planned meetings in your virtual conferencing tools
Does Morgen integrate with Notion?
Not yet, though it’s coming soon. Notion is the most-requested integration and work on this will start soon.

Does Morgen integrate with Trello?
Not directly... just yet. If you want to integrate Morgen with Trello, you can do so now using our Zapier integration.

We know a lot of people are interested in a Morgen <> Trello integration. It’s currently high on our Roadmap (you can give it a vote to let us know how important this integration is to you... thanks!).
I have a suggestion for a new integration. How do I share that?
Yes, we love learning about what tools you want to integrate with Morgen. You can add your recommendations and requests to our Roadmap, as well as upvote ideas that are already there.

Thanks in advance!
Does Morgen serve ads or sell my personal data?
No. Morgen is and will remain 100% ad-free. We do not mine, sell, or share your data. Your data belongs to you and we will always maintain our commitment to your privacy.
Does Morgen have access to my calendar data?
Our synchronization engine connects with your accounts locally for our desktop app, never needing to involve our servers. Your passwords are stored on your devices and are never transferred to us.

Some of Morgen’s advanced features (such as our scheduling tools) require cross-checks of your availability in real-time to avoid double-booking. If you choose to enable Morgen’s scheduling tools, account access credentials will be securely stored on our server.  If you use Morgen’s mobile apps, your accounts will be connected to the Morgen cloud.

We are committed to your privacy. As a Swiss company, your data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. You can review our privacy policy for more details.
Does Morgen encrypt my data?
If you opt in to certain advanced features, including Morgen scheduling tools, Morgen requires continuous access to your calendar availability. In such cases, you will be prompted for consent. If you provide it, we will encrypt all data at rest and in transit. We never store your calendar events on our servers.

You can learn more about how we protect your data security in our privacy policy.
Why does Morgen require me to verify my email address?
Morgen uses email address verification as a passwordless login to make sure no one else can access your account. This allows you to use and sync Morgen across all your devices.
How do I cancel Morgen?
You can try Morgen free for 14 days before deciding to subscribe to Morgen Pro or Personal. If you choose not to subscribe, your plan will automatically move to our free plan.

If you are dissatisfied with Morgen for whatever reason, you can cancel your plan any time in the user portal from the desktop app. You can also review our refund policy.
How do I delete my Morgen account?
If you would like us to delete your account, please let us know.
Is Morgen open sourced?
Morgen is not open sourced at this time.
I would like to integrate my tool with Morgen. Can I get access to the developer API?
Morgen’s APIs are currently being developed and tested internally. You can request early access to Morgen’s REST API.
I have an idea for Morgen. How can I share it with you?
Nothing makes us more excited that hearing how you use Morgen and what will make the experience better for you. Please add your ideas and feature requests to our Roadmap if they aren’t already there and/or vote for the ideas you think we should prioritize.

Thanks for your feedback!