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Can I modify my Notion tasks within Morgen?

Right now, the only property that can be updated in Morgen and synced with Notion is status, moving tasks from To-Do to Done. Other properties, such as your notes, deadlines, importance, etc. can only be modified in Notion.

Each task has a quick link out to the source task in Notion, making those updates easy.

Integrations with Morgen
What Notion tasks will I see in Morgen?

When you configure your Notion integration, you decide which pages to include and which tasks should be imported. We recommend you import tasks that will benefit from being planned in your calendar.

You can decide whether to import:

  • all tasks or only those with due dates
  • only those tasks assigned to you or all your team's tasks

You can also select which properties from Notion should be included in Morgen, so you can see the information you need quickly.

Integrations with Morgen
How does the Notion integration differ from Notion Calendar?

The biggest differences in managing your Notion tasks in Morgen instead of Notion Calendar are:

  • Scheduled tasks are added to your underlying calendars, not planned as a layer on top. This means that when you schedule Notion tasks and mark them as busy you are protecting that work time when colleagues or those with your scheduling links check when you're available.
  • Schedule Notion tasks in all your calendars, not just Google Calendars. Any calendar account connected to Morgen will work with Notion tasks.
  • Makes it easy to schedule big tasks. Not all tasks will be achieved in one work session. Copy and paste big tasks into multiple blocks across your calendar.
  • Available on all platforms, including Android and Linux.
  • ... and of course, the confetti.
Integrations with Morgen
What calendars integrate with Notion?

In Morgen, you can schedule your Notion tasks in any calendar you have connected. Even if you use Apple Calendar for your personal life, Outlook at work, and Fastmail for your side hustle, you can schedule Notion tasks across all of these.

We recommend you select a default calendar for your scheduled tasks in the settings, being the one you plan to schedule the most tasks in. You can then always pick a different calendar destination for individual scheduled tasks from Notion.

Integrations with Morgen
I would like to integrate my tool with Morgen. Can I get access to the developer API?

Morgen’s APIs are currently being developed and tested internally. You can request early access to Morgen’s REST API.

Developer APIs & Tools
How do I change my subscription?

You can change your subscription details, including upgrading/downgrading, changing billing frequency, etc. from the Team and Billing page in the Morgen Platform.

Account Management
How do I delete my Morgen account?

If you would like us to delete your account, please contact us at

Account Management
Why does Morgen require me to verify my email address?

Morgen uses email address verification as a passwordless login to make sure no one else can access your account. This allows you to use and sync Morgen across all your devices.

Data & Privacy
Does Morgen encrypt my data?

If you opt in to certain advanced features, including Morgen scheduling tools, Morgen requires continuous access to your calendar availability. In such cases, you will be prompted for consent. If you provide it, we will encrypt all data at rest and in transit. We never store your calendar events on our servers. You can learn more about how we protect your data security in our privacy policy.

Data & Privacy
Does Morgen have access to my calendar data?

Our synchronization engine connects with your accounts locally for our desktop app, never needing to involve our servers. Your passwords are stored on your devices and are never transferred to us. Some of Morgen’s advanced features (such as our scheduling tools) require cross-checks of your availability in real-time to avoid double-booking. If you choose to enable Morgen’s scheduling tools, account access credentials will be securely stored on our server.  If you use Morgen’s mobile apps, your accounts will be connected to the Morgen cloud. We are committed to your privacy. As a Swiss company, your data is protected by strict Swiss privacy laws. You can review our privacy policy for more details.

Data & Privacy
Does Morgen serve ads or sell my personal data?

No. Morgen is and will remain 100% ad-free. We do not mine, sell, or share your data. Your data belongs to you and we will always maintain our commitment to your privacy. Learn more in our privacy policy.

Data & Privacy
How will my team be billed?

You can manage your team’s centralized billing on the Morgen platform from Your Team in the left menu. Someone of your team must be identified as the billing owner. By default this will be the admin who set up the team, but can be appointed to any team member.

You can manage your credit card there, see your upcoming billing statement, and more from your team page. Note that all teams are on an annual billing cycle.

Teams on Morgen
How can I remove team members from Morgen?

To remove individuals from your team, open Your Team from the left menu of the Morgen platform. If you are the account admin, you can remove team members by selecting Edit next to their name.

Teams on Morgen
How do I invite team members?

When you login into the Morgen platform, click on Your Team from the left menu bar. From the top of the screen, select Invite Member. Once you invite them, they will receive an email from Morgen letting them know that you have invited them to join. If they don’t accept within 3 days, they will receive a second email.

They will only be added to your team once they accept their invitation.  

If you are the team admin, you can give them admin privileges or appoint them the billing contact once they have joined your team. Note that it is free to create a team on Morgen and all members will have access to Morgen's free plan.

Teams on Morgen
Can my team trial Morgen?

Yes. When you invite your team into Morgen, you will all have a free two-week trial from the time of invitation. When a new team member is added, they too will start on a team trial, though the rest of the team will remain on the current plan.

Teams on Morgen
Who can see my calendar in Morgen?

Only you can see your calendar in Morgen. You can choose to share your Availability with your team on Morgen with Team Availability, but they will only see when you are busy/available (never the details of your events) in the calendars you identify as your ‘busy calendars’.

If your team uses Google or Outlook calendars and has permissions set to see one anothers' availability, you will also be able to toggle on check availbility in meeting invites you create. You will see the same information as in your underlying calendars.

Teams on Morgen
Can I use Morgen with my team?

Many teams use Morgen. Now, with Team Availability, Scheduling Features, and our Focus Automation, there’s more reasons why teams can benefit from using Morgen beyond a typical calendar.

You can add, invite, and manage team members when you login into your account in the Morgen platform.

Teams on Morgen
Do I need to code to use Morgen Assist?

No, Morgen Assist has a number of no-code workflows you can set-up and run. Including the Team Meeting Optimizer, Travel Time and Buffer Schedulers, Agenda Assistant, and more.  

With some coding knowledge, you can further customize some of these no-code workflows using Nerd Mode.

Morgen Assist
What calendars does Morgen Assist work with?

Morgen Assist currently works with Google, Outlook, iCloud, and Fastmail Calendars. More CalDAV integrations are in development.

Morgen Assist
Can I use Morgen Assist without using the Morgen apps?

Yes, Morgen Assist is an automation platform where you can set up triggered and automated workflows for your calendar, along with your task, project, and team management tools.  

When you use Morgen Assist in conjunction with the Morgen apps, you will have a more integrated experience. However, the automated workflows can be activated without using Morgen Apps.

Morgen Assist
Can I have more than one booking page?

Right now, each Morgen Pro account includes one custom booking page. Enterprise clients can request additional booking pages.

If you would like to have multiple Booking Pages associated with your account, please let us know in our public feature requests on Canny.

Morgen Scheduling Tools
Can I embed and personalize my Morgen Booking Page?

Yes, we think the best Booking Pages are the ones that feel personalized. Add your photo, a message, and the types of events people can book with you. You can embed the Morgen scheduling widget on your website or share your page hosted by Morgen. Your Morgen Booking Page is not indexed, so people will only find it if you share it or if it is embedded on your website.

Morgen Scheduling Tools
Can I customize my Booking Page?

Absolutely, booking pages are most effective when they feel like an extension of your personal brand and communications.

You can include your photo, name, a message, a mix of Scheduling Links, and opt to white label it with your logo and brand color.

Morgen Scheduling Tools
What is the difference between an Open Invite and a Scheduling Link?

Open Invites and Scheduling Links each simplify the scheduling process.

Open Invites are designed for 1:1 meetings for which you want to offer your invitee the chance to pick when the meeting happens. You offer possible times to meet in the invite, allowing your invitee to select and confirm the final time. In doing so, a meeting invite will be generated for you both and your respective calendars will be updated.

Scheduling Links are best suited for meetings that happen more than once, and that you tend to have to book with multiple people over time. First round interviews, coffee chats, sales introductions, etc. are common uses for Scheduling Links. By default these will appear on your Booking Page unless you make them private.

Learn more about our scheduling features, including Open Invites, Scheduling Links, and your Custom Booking Page.

Morgen Scheduling Tools
I have a suggestion for a new integration. How do I share that?

We love learning about what tools you want to integrate with Morgen and how we can bring your stack closer together.

Please add your recommendations to our Canny feature requests or vote on ones already submitted. Thanks in advance!

Integrations with Morgen
Does Morgen integrate with Calendly?

No, the Morgen apps do not integrate with Calendly. Instead, we have scheduling tools built in that always take your real-time availability in your Busy Calendars into account.

Learn more about our scheduling features, including Open Invites, Scheduling Links, and your Custom Booking Page.

Integrations with Morgen
Does Morgen integrate with Trello?

Not yet.  You can currently connect Morgen with Trello using Zapier.  

We know a lot of people are interested in a Trello integration and we hope to tackle this soon. You can help us prioritize it by adding a vote on our Canny feature requests.

Integrations with Morgen
Does Morgen integrate with Notion?

Yes, Morgen now integrates with Notion. You can learn more about the benefits of bringing Morgen and Notion together here.

Integrations with Morgen
With the Outlook task integration, can I email tasks to appear in Morgen?

You can’t email a task to Morgen. However, by integrating Outlook with Morgen, a unique task will be created for each flagged email, reminding you that you have a follow-up action. In this way, you can always email yourself to-dos and flag those emails. You will then see the associated task in your Outlook.

Integrations with Morgen
Does Morgen integrate with any CalDAV task managers?

Not at this time. You can help us prioritize it by adding a vote on our Canny feature requests.

Integrations with Morgen
When I update my Todoist tasks in Morgen, what changes will be reflected in Todoist?

Once you mark a Todoist task as complete in Morgen, it will be marked as such in Todoist. However, scheduling a task in your Morgen calendar, will not change or impact the due date set within Todoist. If you want to change the task details, including the due date, that must be done in Todoist. Those changes will then be reflected in Morgen.

Integrations with Morgen
What are the advantages of integrating my virtual conferencing platform with Morgen?

Morgen integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex. By integrating your conferencing tool, you can:

- Add meeting room details to events with one click

- Have conferencing details automatically appear in invites booked from your Open Invites, Scheduling Links, or Booking Page

- See your planned meetings in your virtual conferencing tools

Virtual conferencing integrations are available as part of Morgen Pro.

Integrations with Morgen
How many instances of Morgen can I install across my devices?

You can install Morgen across all your devices and login with a single account. Many people use Morgen on their personal and work on computers, alongside their tablets and phones.

Platforms & Devices for Morgen
Is Morgen available in my browser?

Morgen apps are only available as desktop and mobile apps (available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android).

This gives us greater flexibility when it comes creating a great user experience, providing custom shortcuts, and maintaining strong privacy controls.  

Your account set-up/management and activating/managing workflows will happen in your browser at

Platforms & Devices for Morgen
Does Morgen have a native calendar or do I need to connect an external calendar?

Morgen does not yet have a native calendar at this time. To use Morgen apps, you will need to connect at least one external calendar account.

Calendar Management in Morgen
How many calendars can I connect with the Morgen app?

With Morgen Pro, you can connect unlimited calendars. With Morgen’s free plan, you can connect one calendar as well as unlimited calendar subscriptions.

Calendar Management in Morgen
What calendars can I connect to Morgen Assist?

Right now, Morgen Assist integrates with Google, Outlook, iCloud, and Fastmail Calendars, regardless of whether you use Morgen Assist with Morgen or directly in your other calendar provider.

We will expand Morgen Assist to work with more CalDAV providers to mirror the support we have in Morgen’s apps.

Morgen Assist
What calendars integrate with the Morgen apps?

Morgen integrates with nearly all calendars including Google Calendar, Exchange on Premise, Office 365, Outlook, Yahoo!, Apple Calendar, NextCloud, ownCloud, Zoho, Fastmail, and even your own self-hosted CalDAV server and calendar subscriptions.

We don’t integrate with Proton Calendar because they do not have an available API.

If you try to connect a calendar of any kind and it doesn’t work, please let us know we’ll help.

Calendar Management in Morgen
Do all instances of my Morgen apps sync across devices?

Morgen apps syncs across your devices, including your desktop and mobile apps. The sync between mobile and desktop is not instanteous unless refreshed. Otherwise they sync in the background hourly.

Calendar Management in Morgen
Does Morgen work on iOS and Android?

Morgen's mobile apps are available on iOS and Android. It is a companion to the desktop experience with a subset of features for using Morgen on the go.

Morgen’s mobile app is available in the App and on Google Play stores.  

To use the mobile app, you need to first have a Morgen account set up on desktop. You will only be able to access your connected calendars on the mobile app if you have first connected them with the Morgen Cloud. Morgen's mobile app are ready-only with a Morgen Basic plan, and fully featured for Morgen Pro subscribers.

Platforms & Devices for Morgen
How do I cancel Morgen?

You can try Morgen free for 14 days before deciding to subscribe to Morgen Pro. If you choose not to subscribe, your plan will automatically move to our free plan. If you are dissatisfied with Morgen for whatever reason, you can cancel your plan any time in the user portal from the desktop app. You can also review our refund policy.

Account Management
Is Morgen available in my browser?

Morgen apps are only available as desktop and mobile apps (available on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android).

This gives us greater flexibility when it comes creating a great user experience, providing custom shortcuts, and maintaining strong privacy controls.  

Your account set-up/management and activating/managing workflows will happen in your browser at

Platforms & Devices for Morgen
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