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Team Availability Check

How to see when your team is available

If your team uses Outlook or Google Calendar, and allows availability sharing natively, you can now access one another’s availability in Morgen (regardless of whether your whole team or just you use Morgen).

To see when your colleagues are available:

  1. Create an event
  2. Add your colleagues’ email addresses
  3. Toggle Check Availability to on

You will then see when your colleagues are busy, overlaid with your own calendar. This makes it easy to see when you’re all available to meet. You can then schedule the event in an open slot by dragging it across days/weeks and dropping it at a time when everyone is available.

💡 Tip: Press and hold Option + Command (Mac) or Meta + Alt (Windows and Linux) to hide the event for better readability.

With availability sharing in its current form, you will see the same details as you would on your Outlook or Google Calendar. This might mean only seeing when your colleagues are free/busy or it might mean seeing their event details – it all depends on your company’s settings with its calendar provider.

Share availability based on all your calendars with Morgen users

Your work calendar is an incomplete reflection of your time and commitments. You can now share your real availability based on all your calendars (or selected subset) with other Morgen users.

For example, if you have multiple work calendars or a work calendar and a private calendar, you can choose to show your colleagues your consolidated availability. This however only works with other Morgen users.

To share your availability based on your consolidated calendars:

  1. Click on your profile picture in Morgen
  2. From the dropdown, select Preferences
  3. From the left-hand menu, select Availability (if you use scheduling links, you’ll be familiar with this menu)
  4. Use the toggles to select which calendars your displayed availability should be based on

You can then click on Manage in the upper right to enter the email addresses of the Morgen users who should have access to your availability. If you want everyone in your company to have access, simply add the organization’s email domain (ex.

When sharing your availability through Morgen, you determine who gets access. These can be people within or outside of your organization, so long as they too use Morgen. They won’t see the details of any events in your calendar, only when you busy and free.

Don't fragment your team's day

When you use availability checking, you'll also see an alert when you will be fragmenting your invitees' focused work time. When you see an orange check mark to the left of someone's name, it's a warning that by scheduling a meeting at that time, you will be fragmenting their focused work time, ultimately cutting into their productivity. If possible, find another time. When you see green check marks instead, that means your attendees are not only available, but also this time won't fragment time for deep work.

Brenna Donoghue
Head of Marketing