September 21, 2023
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How to manage multiple time zones in your calendar

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Adding time zones to Morgen

If you travel often or if your co-workers are spread across multiple time zones, coordinating meetings can be challenging. With Morgen, you can easily view multiple time zones in your calendar, allowing you to effectively plan your schedule based on when everyone is available. Let’s get started!

  • Click on the time zone button in the top toolbar
  • Add additional time zones in the Time Zone Assistant
  • Hover over any event while holding shift to view the time zone widget

In-depth guide

Before you get started

The Morgen app should be installed on your desktop or laptop. Haven’t tried Morgen yet? Sign up for the free version and download Morgen right away. With the free Morgen plan, you can easily manage multiple time zones in your Google, Outlook, iCloud, Fastmail, etc. calendars.

Step-by-step instructions
    • Click on the time zone button in the top toolbar (where you see your current time zone listed). Morgen will display time zone options in a popup.
    • Select 'Add time zone'. Here, you will add time zones to the Time Zone Assistant. You can add up to 10 time zones. In this example, we’ve added Los Angeles and New York:
    Add up to 10 time zones.

      • Hold the shift key and hover over an event to see the local time of the event across different time zones.
      Check what time a specific event is in other time zones quickly.

      Morgen will display the Time Zone Assistant widget, showing you the event’s start and end times in your time zone, as well as in the additional time zones that you’ve configured. Note that you can also summon this widget by hovering over the timeline on the left.

      ⚡️Tip: You can use the Time Zone Assistant on a meeting you are currently planning. When creating a new event, hover over it and hold shift while editing. You can even drag the event along the timeline to schedule it across multiple time zones.

      More time zone tips

      • The Time Zone Assistant also works when configuring your availability in your Scheduling Links. This comes in when planning a Zoom or Teams meeting across time zones, or configuring your weekly availability for maximum overlap between different regions.
      • Your Morgen Booking Page handles time zones automatically.
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