September 22, 2023
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The starter guide to Morgen Tasks

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Achieve more when you manage your tasks alongside your calendar

Traditionally, task management was the domain of to-do lists, task manager apps, and project planning tools. While these tools can be powerful ways of tracking what needs to be done, they tend to fall short when it comes to planning the time to execute those deliverables. To-do lists on their own are full of good intentions, but hard to prioritize and execute when they live in isolation.

Morgen brings your calendar and tasks together into one shared experience, allowing you to easily see your top priority tasks and find time to tackle them.

In this guide, we’ll share top tips for how to get the most from managing your tasks in Morgen.

How to set up Morgen task lists

Unlimited Morgen tasks are available as part of every Morgen account.  

To see your Morgen Tasks, click on the checkbox icon in the left rail or use the Alt+A shortcut.

To help keep your tasks organized, all Morgen tasks live in a task list. Create a task list:

  • Open the task manager dropdown by clicking on … at the top of your Desktop panel.
  • Select + New task list
Add new task lists easily from the task manager dropdown menu.
  • Type the name of your list in the open field that just appeared then click Enter
  • You can then assign a color to the task list by clicking … next to the list

You can always reorder your tasks lists.

  • Open the task manager dropdown by clicking on … at the top of your Desktop panel.
  • Select Reorder task lists
  • Drag and drop the lists into the order you would like to see them

Once you have tasks added and scheduled, you will notice 3 additional tasks lists are now visible at the top of your task list panel (unless they are empty). These include:

  • Overdue: Tasks that are open but for which the due date has passed
  • Upcoming: Tasks due in the next 7 days
  • Inbox: Tasks created in your calendar that were not assigned to a particular task list

These lists provide a great way to quickly check what you need to prioritize with some urgency.

Creating a Morgen task

Once you have a task list set-up, you can start adding tasks.  

Tasks can be created in 3 ways:

  • From the task panel, click the + symbol next to your task list. A blank task will appear below. Simply type in the name and hit enter to create your task. You can then add more details about your tasks if you click on the task name, including priority level, duration of the associated work, due date, and any additional notes.
Click on + next to the task list where you want the new task to appear.

  • From the calendar, create a scheduled task. Highlight an area in your calendar. By default this will open an event. You can change this to a task by selecting Task (rather than Event) in the upper right corner of the widget. You can then add additional details about the task, including if it is a recurrent task and what task list it should be associated with.
Create a scheduled task directly in your calendar.
  • From the command bar, quickly create a task using natural language. Open the command bar with CTRL+K or from the top nav. Here you can specify the task to add, which task list to assign, the priority level, and the due date.
Use the command bar for quick task creation.

You can also add subtasks in Morgen. To do so, from your open task list, simply click on the + next to a task. This will then open a blank subtask.

For more tips on managing your tasks in Morgen, here's a quick how-to video packed with great tips:

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