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Spend less time shuffling tabs and looking for links. All your work tools at your fingertips.
Still today Google Calendar lets you down when you need to display events from multiple accounts together. We believe that every professional with a tight schedule deserve a better user experience. See below how Morgen can save you time and frustration with many important improvements.

Quick Join

Remote meetings have become the way to work together. You will always be on top of all your calls with Morgen’s Quick Join.
Morgen automatically extracts meeting links for Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and many more services.

Calendar Sets

Bring up and filter out calendars is fast, very fast. Group set of calendars you care to look at together, assign them to a digit key, and then use that key to refocus on the set of calendars. And of course, you can add one given calendar to more than one calendar set.
Want all your calendars at the same time? Just add them all to a specific key.
Pro tip

Quick Peek

Often, we just need to have a quick peek at what time an event is happening without disrupting our focus. Other times we are asked during a meeting whether we are available at some point in the future.
With Morgen, you can instantly recall all your calendars by bringing a minimized version of your calendar to the foreground.
OptionCto bring it up. When you are done, hit the same combination to go back.
One more hint? Use can also use W and D to switch between daily and weekly view while in Quick peek mode.
Pro tip

Universal Search

Morgen offers powerful search tools to jump to any event. CommandFand start typing to browse events in the past and in the future, going by participants, keywords, locations. Finding anything that has happened or that will happen has never been this easy and fast.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Calendar navigation, changing view, checking today’s tasks, you can do it all without touching the mouse. Some examples? Switch view to Daily D, Weekly W, Monthly M, 10-Days X, and Agenda A
Toggle between Dark and Light theme \
Navigate as you would expect across weeks and months (, ) and jump back to Today T
Switch between Tasks OptionAand Morgen Scheduler OptionS

Meeting Rooms

From customer meetings to drinks with friends, from talent interviews to coffee breaks with colleagues, social distancing has been made a little less distancing thanks to video-conferencing rooms.
You can manage and organise all your video-conferencing rooms in Morgen, to have them there ready for any meeting or scheduling link you create.

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