September 21, 2023

How to reorder Morgen task lists

Marketing @ Morgen

Morgen task lists can be reordered on both our desktop and mobile apps. Note that task list from our integration partners cannot be reordered within Morgen.

Reorder task lists on desktop

To reorder taks lists on desktop, you will need to start at the task manager dropdown.

To reorder your task list, first:

  • Open the task bar by clicking on the Checkmark Icon on the sidebar
  • Click on the list option icon ... in the upper right of the task bar
  • Select Reorder lists
  • Simply drag and drop the list titles until they are in the order you would like
  • Click Done to save

Note that the Inbox will remain at the top. The Inbox cannot be moved to a different position.

You can then drag and drop your lists until you have them ordered as you would like.

Reorder task lists on mobile

In the Morgen mobile, reordering task lists is quick and easy. Simply select tasks from the bottom navigation to see your lists. You can then reorder them with a hold and drag.

Simply drag and drop on mobile for a reordered task list.

Note: Changes to the order of lists that you make on one device, regardless of whether from desktop or mobile, will be reflected in every instance of Morgen.

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