September 21, 2023
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Create events and tasks faster with Morgen's command bar

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The Command Bar is the fastest way to create and schedule events and tasks in Morgen. Simply type CMD+K/CTRL+K to open the bar and get started.

How to use Morgen's Command Bar

Morgen's command bar is a powerful tool that enhances your calendar and task management experience. It allows you to effortlessly create events, tasks, and perform various actions using simple commands. This guide will walk you through the steps to use the command bar effectively and highlight its key benefits.

Or you can also watch this quick how-to video to see Morgen's command bar in use.

Accessing the Command Bar

To access Morgen's command bar enter Ctrl + K (Windows/Linux) or Command + K (Mac). Alternatively, if that shortcut conflicts with other programs, you can disable it and instead access the command bar by clicking on >_ in the top menu of the Morgen desktop app.

Basic commands

The two main uses of the command bar is to create and schedule events and tasks.

  • Create an event in your calendar: For example, you can type "Meeting with Amit at 3 pm at 11 City Diner in Chicago" and Morgen will interpret the time, location, and invitee. The event will be added to your calendar, and in this case, an invite will be sent.
  • Create a task: Simply type a task you need to do, such as "Take out the trash" and the task will be added. You can even indicate which task list it should be added to and schedule when it is to happen.

Creating an event

Include event locations, timing and duration, and invitees, and more

You can specify critical meeting details within the command bar, including:

  • To set a location, simply type ;[location name].
  • For event times, you can input a time, for example 3pm. The command bar is flexible and understands various time formats.
  • To add a duration that is different from the default 1 hours simply specify how long the event should be (ex. for 2hours).
  • Specify which calendar the event should be scheduled within, add / the select the desired calendar.
  • Add invitees with @[name] specified.

Get smart recommendations

You'll also receive smart recommendations as you type, including:

  • If I create an event titled 'meet with Nicki', I will be prompted to add Nicki to the invite.
  • If I add a location, I will be offered suggestions for the exact location to add in complete details.

Create a task

Include task lists, schedule a time, set a priority and more

From the command bar, you can add in all the details you need to not just add a task, but properly manage and schedule it.

  • To choose a task list, simply include >[list name].
  • Like events, you can indicate which calendar the task should be associated with, by including /[calendar name].
  • Set a priority with !
  • If you want to schedule the task, indicate a time and it will be added to your calendar. (Note this is only possible if you have Morgen Pro.)
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