Morgen + Webex

Morgen eliminates the hassle of switching between tabs and apps to manage your calendars and tasks. Connect Morgen + Webex Meetings to add video conferencing details to your calendar events created from Morgen.
Get Started with Morgen

How to connect Webex to Morgen

1. Download Morgen by visiting the Get Started page.
To setup the Webex integration you will need to install Morgen for Windows, macOS, or Linux. Once the Webex integration is connected, you will be able to use it also on the Morgen app for iOS and Android.

2. From the Morgen app, visit Settings -> Integrations and click on the Webex integration icon.

3. Login with your Webex account, by following the instructions on screen.

4. You are done! Once connected, you can select Webex as the videoconferencing tool to add a Virtual Room to your calendar events (see picture below).

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find the answer to the most frequent questions.