Turn to-dos into
daily action plans

Drop tasks from your to-do apps and project managers into (almost) any calendar for beautifully time blocked days.
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Available on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS 

Streamlined Time Management 

Stop jumping between calendars and apps. Morgen gives you a holistic view of your time, paired with powerful automations.
Integrate Your Calendars

Manage All Your Calendars Together

Morgen simplifies time management by consolidating and syncing all your calendars into one easy-to-use interface.

Morgen integrates with nearly every calendar provider, including Google, Outlook, Apple, Exchange, Fastmail, and more.

Schedule Thoughtfully

Hassle-Free Scheduling Made Simple 

Share your availability in seconds using Morgen's Open Invites, Scheduling Links, and Personalized Booking Page. Morgen checks your real-time availability across your calendars to prevent scheduling conflicts.

Calendar Sets

Toggle between calendars or view them all together with shortcuts.

Custom Views

Jump between your daily planner and calendar views, customize time resolution, hours to display, and more.

Time Zones

Easily manage events and meetings across time zones.

Get Notified

Set custom notifications and reminders for important events and scheduled tasks.

Custom tags

Visually distinguish categories of events with custom tags and colors.

Merge duplicates

Declutter your calendar by merging duplicate events.

Get More Done

Track, Plan and Complete All Your Tasks

Transform your aspirational to-do lists into realistic plans, with efficient prioritization, planning, and time blocking.

Use the Morgen Task Manager, or integrate Notion, Todoist, Linear, ClickUp, Google Tasks, and more.

Optimize Team Scheduling

Deploy smart team scheduling

Not only does Morgen make it easy to see when your colleagues are available, it can also reschedule internal meetings to reduce context switching for the whole team.

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Beautifully designed with you in mind

Morgen's intuitive design makes it fast to manage your time then get on with your day.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Fly through your calendar effortlessly.

Command Bar

Create events and tasks in seconds using natural language.  


Quickly find events and scheduled tasks with powerful search. 

Quick Join

Join virtual meetings in one click from your phone or desktop. 

One-Click Virtual Rooms

Integrated with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex to add virtual room details in one click. 

Light or Dark

Set Morgen to light or dark, or let it adjust based on your operating system settings. 

Ready to take control of time?

Better plan, prioritize, and balance your time with all your calendars, tasks, scheduling, and planning in one place. Then power it up with Morgen Assist's automations.


Leaders who trust Morgen 
to help them get more done. 

Cees de Kort

Hats off, by far the best Linux-supported scheduling and calendar app so far. Keep up the amazing work!

I usually don’t do product recommendations but I’ve been using @morgencalendar for a while now on my @ubuntu machine at work and on my MacBook at home, and it's just so great to have the same UX on both machines! Plus, having the tasks right there really helps me stay organized!

Enea Ceolini

Morgen makes my packed calendar so much simpler to manage. It takes the hassle out scheduling meetings (frankly, I don't know how I did it before)! I love seeing how quickly the product keeps evolving and improving.

Tina Huynh

Okay... I might be in love with @morgencalendar and all its integrations with not only @Google Tasks, and @Zoom but also @Outlook, and much more! What do you use for your #timemanagement / #taskmanagement system?


I live by my to-do lists. I recently moved those lists from paper to app, tracking and scheduling my to-dos right in my @morgencalendar. This has been a game changer. Never have I crossed off so many completed to-dos... plus that confetti 🤩 IYKYK.

Shivansh Gaur

Absolutely loving @morgencalendar. I can access my tasks right there and can get them in calender view. How cool is that. But had to change tick tick to todoist but I can work with that.

I love Morgen calendar! A beautiful, uncluttered interface and a great tool to manage availability across multiple calendars 😍

Timothy Rittman

Also, check out @morgencalendar, seems to integrate any kind of of calendar, requests and online zoom/teams etc seamlessly. I've been using it for a few years and it's amazing!

Giulia D'Angelo
@Giulia D'Angelo

I have been using Morgen to combine my calendars, set up my office hours and schedule my day-by-day work. Honestly, it helped me so much in comparison to Outlook. Strongly recommend!

Data security

Data security and privacy you (and your IT department) can trust. Morgen is committed to protecting your privacy. We will never share or sell your data, and only request access to data necessary for the services you choose.