November 7, 2023

How to Launch on Product Hunt with your Calendar Organised by OpenAI + Morgen Assist

Luke Barnard
Engineers @Morgen
How to Launch on Product Hunt with your Calendar Organised by OpenAI + Morgen Assist

With the launch of Morgen Assist and Custom Workflows, we’re super excited to share some use-cases that come naturally to our shiny new platform.

One such use-case that sprung to mind this week was a scheduling assistant to help us with a very “meta” problem – launching on Product Hunt!

If you haven’t heard of Product Hunt, it’s a forum that brings startups and early adopters together. Every day, startups go head-to-head with their product launches, vying not just for the coveted Product of the Day title, but more importantly, to connect with new users and gather early feedback.

It’s an amazing space, but a successful launch there isn’t just about having a great product. There are a lot of little steps involved - from prepping assets, connecting with other makers, finding a hunter, etc. Which brings us to this workflow.

With Morgen Assist's custom workflows, launching is a piece of cake. With a custom workflow, all you need to do is send a prompt to OpenAI’s ChatGPT to receive a perfectly reasonable set of events to add to your own calendar.

But first, we’ll need to give some context to make sure it’s tailored to our specific launch.


  • The launch date
  • The format of the event data

Here’s an example prompt that encapsulates this input:

Provide a schedule for a launch on Product Hunt for the 1st of December, with preparation events before the launch and after.

The format of each item should be as follows:
{ "start": "2023-11-01T10:00:00", duration: "PT10M", "title": "Title of the event", "description": "Longer description of the event summarising the content" }

ChatGPT will dutifully create some events for our schedule:

This JSON-formatted list is easily sent to a Morgen API to be added to a calendar of our choice. And with that, we’re ready for launch!

Here’s what the schedule looks like in Morgen:

So with a few lines of code, every launch schedule can now be automated and customised as you please. And why stop at product launches, why not marketing campaigns and user surveys? The possibilities are endless with OpenAI invited right into your calendar via Morgen Assist.

Now if only the workflow could make endless pots of coffee for launch day. Good luck with your launch.