January 12, 2024

Less hustle and more focus – our approach to 2024

David Tedaldi
CEO @Morgen
Less hustle and more focus – our approach to 2024

Last year was big. We did a lot. A new desktop app, a mobile app, a calendar automation platform, and so many tweaks and enhancements to the experience.

On one hand it was awesome. Our team doubled, built beautiful experiences, and challenged our approach to time management. We tried new things, many of which exceeded our expectations. (You all really love an open invite!)  

On the other hand, it felt like we were competing in some intense obstacle course. Every time we conquered one obstacle, the next loomed bigger. We just kept moving from one to the next. And if we’re being completely truthful, we miscalculated on one or two of those.

For instance, we improved the experience for viewing colleague’s availability. We wanted to create a more intuitive experience, and make it seamless to overlay other’s colleagues with your own. Turns out, the new experience, while much improved for teams who use Morgen together, broke a key feature for individual users who just needed a quick (even if clunky) way to see when their colleague is busy/free.  

And so, we’ve listened to that feedback and are bringing in a mixed solution to work in both cases.  

All to say, we finished 2023 proud, satisfied, and but also hungry to stop go deep in particular experiences.

So 2024, we’re taking a different approach. Rather than leaping from thing to thing, we are leaning into a more focused approach.

In this first quarter, that means focusing on Morgen’s task management and time blocking capabilities. We know that one of the top reasons people use Morgen is to bring their tasks and calendars together, to plan and time block, and ultimately to make that confetti fly.

In Q1 we’re doubling down on tasks though a mix of:

1. More integrations

We know you track and manage your tasks through a mix of programs and tools – we do too. Based on requests from Morgen’s user base we are adding 3 new task integrations ASAP. Soon, you will be able to manage and plan tasks in Morgen that come from Notion, ClickUp and Linear.  

Not only are these three integrations the most requested integrations, they are quite diverse, helping us build the foundations for quicker integrations of other similar tools soon after. 

Bonus: If we can squeeze it in, Obsidian will also be on that list.

2. Smart time blocking

The power of Morgen is not just in tracking all those tasks in one place, but even more powerfully, in planning when to tackle those tasks and schedule time to make them happen.  

Manual time blocking by dragging and dropping tasks in your calendar from your task lists will still be possible (and better). But if you want help planning when those tasks are scheduled into your calendar, Morgen’s AI assistant will plan your days, scheduling tasks based on your priorities, due dates, available time, and more.  

This powers your time blocking based on your settings and preferences, without you having to spend time planning.  

We’re excited to open this to beta testers shortly!

3. A better Morgen task manager

Additionally, based on a wealth of feedback, we’re enhancing Morgen’s task manager. New filters, better tagging, and more are coming soon.

We’ve updated our roadmap with our Q1 focus, and rather than mapping out a full year of planned work, we’re going one focused quarter at a time.

To everyone who shared feature requests, beta tested early releases last year, and even those who gave us the harsh feedback when we got it wrong, thank you. You’ve helped shape what we’re working on right now, and truthfully we’re so excited to get it out into the world.