November 1, 2022
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Morgen now integrates with Webex

Marketing @ Morgen
Morgen now integrates with Webex

We’re excited to announce our newest partner, Webex.  

Webex is synonymous with video conferencing. As an enterprise solution offering video conferencing, online meetings, webinar hosting and more, Webex’s reach is absolutely massive. It’s no surprise that we’ve been hearing requests for Morgen <> Webex integrations.

Until now, Webex users had to manually add their conferencing details into every invite sent through Morgen. What’s more, when Morgen users had meetings scheduled from their Morgen booking page, they would then need to follow-up separately with their Webex details.  

In short, it was a pain. In our quest to simplify time management, removing friction from the place we spend the most time — virtual meetings — is a must. This partnership does just that.

Morgen and Webex are simplifying meeting scheduling

Once you connect Webex with your Morgen account, you can:

  • Include conferencing details in invites: In just one click, you can select to include a unique Webex link in your meeting invites. Gone are the days of copying/pasting dial-in details.
  • Improve invitee experience: When you select Webex as your default conferencing solution, all meetings scheduled through your personalized Morgen Booking Page will automatically include the right dial-in. No more follow-up required.
  • Join Webex meetings in one-click: With our Join Now button that appears just before a meeting begins, you can join Webex meetings without ever opening invites to find a link.
  • Sync events across Morgen and Webex: When Morgen generates your Webex meeting details, a meeting will be booked in your Webex account, so you can join from either place.

“Partnering with Webex was obvious,” according to Morgen CEO, David Tedaldi. “Not only is Webex known and trusted for their virtual connectivity, but they are leaders when it comes to partnerships. The Webex ecosystem is a testament to this as they focus on finding complementary partners that are equally dedicated to improving collaboration and connectivity.”

According to Anurag Dhingra, VP and CTO of Webex, “the Webex Platform enables our customers to access and integrate third-party solutions into critical workflows. Morgen’s application now enables scheduling and the joining of Webex meetings from within the Morgen application user environment.”

With this latest partnership, Morgen now integrates with all leading conferencing solutions, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meets.

How to connect Webex and Morgen

To get started, add Webex as a virtual room in Morgen. Once you add Webex as an integration, you’ll be asked authenticate your Webex credentials. This shouldn’t take more than a minute.

What integration would you like to see next?

Have your say in which integrations you would like to see next by visiting our roadmap and casting your vote on what matters most to you.