Unleash your productivity with Fastmail & Morgen

Morgen and Fastmail
Get 25% off your first year of Morgen when you connect your Fastmail account. Seamlessly manage all your calendars, optimize your scheduling, and effortlessly time block tasks, all while prioritizing your personal privacy.
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Unified calendar management

Morgen seamlessly integrates with nearly every calendar provider so you can effortlessly oversee and manage your Fastmail calendar alongside your other trusted schedules.

If you share your availability with team members through Morgen, rest assured they will see when you are available but not the details of your events.
Connect all your calendars to Morgen.

Streamline your scheduling

Simplify meeting coordination by sharing your Morgen scheduling links and booking pages. Choose which time slots to offer and set meeting parameters. Morgen works seamlessly with your Fastmail calendar, cross-checking your availability in real-time and instantly updating it when a meeting is booked.

Your privacy matters to us.

Rest assured, we prioritize the protection of your personal data. At Morgen, we have a strict no-advertising policy and will never sell your information. By default, your calendar data is synchronized locally, ensuring it remains secure and confidential. We don't store your account credentials on our cloud unless you explicitly choose to opt-in for advanced features like Team Availability and Scheduling Links.

The decision is entirely in your hands, empowering you to maintain control over your privacy.

Protect time for tasks that matter

Manage your tasks in Morgen to effortlessly time block your most crucial to-dos directly in your calendar. With a simple drag and drop, you can safeguard dedicated work periods that appear as busy by default to others, ensuring uninterrupted focus on your top priorities.

Unleash your productivity when you bring Fastmail and Morgen together.

Integrate with your Fastmail calendar in minutes and get 25% off your first year.
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Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.