Automate your time,
your way

Your workflows are uniquely yours. Automate them to work for you.
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Deploy ready-built workflows

Select, configure, and deploy no-code workflows for you and your team.

Customize your workflows

Tailor the workflows by altering our code in Nerd Mode.


Sync and integrate your tools and calendars effortlessly.

Slack integration

Connect Slack for proactive calendar and time management assistance.

What Will You Automate?

You know how you work best. Automate your workflows, your way.
Improve Team Scheduling

Team Focus Time Optimizer

Let Morgen Assist reschedule your team's #flexible meetings to decrease time fragmentation and give everyone more time for deep work.

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Streamline Your Time

Calendar Propagation

Sync events from one calendar to another so your availability is accurately reflected across your calendars while also keeping the details of your personal events private.  

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Better Plan

Schedule Travel Time

Let Morgen Assist calculate and schedule travel time to and from events based on event details, preferred mode of travel, and time of day.

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Smart Time Blocking

Automatically time-block tasks based on prioritization, dependencies, and task size, so you always know what to focus on next.
Responsive Assistant

Get Smart Assistance in Real-Time

When you connect Morgen Assist with Slack, our Assistant will actively manage your time with your input.
Receive and approve agendas based on your meeting goals.
Ask for help scheduling a meeting with those in your Slack conversation.
Be reminded to update your work location so colleagues know where to find you.
Be notified when conflicts arise with rescheduling recommendations.
Smart Assistance

Get Actionable Insights

The Morgen Assist dashboard provides actionable data to help your team adopt sustainable and productive habits. Monitor changes in team focus time and receive warnings at early signals of potential burnout.
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Data security

Data security and privacy you (and your IT department) can trust. Morgen is committed to protecting your privacy. We will never share or sell your data, and only request access to data necessary for the services you choose. 

Integrate with Morgen Apps for Enhanced Features

Morgen Assist seamlessly works with your existing calendars and tools. For an even more enhanced experience, pair it with Morgen's apps.
  • Assisted scheduling with team members
  • Toggle on/off travel time
  • Toggle on/off #flex
  • In-app notifications

Ready to get more from your time?

It's your time, you should control how it's used. Automate your calendar, your way.