Notion x Morgen

Notion is the ultimate place to map goals, projects and tasks. But those databases quickly become wish lists without effective planning.

Morgen brings your Notion tasks into your calendar, so you can effortlessly plan, prioritize, and get it all done.
Notion now integrates with Morgen.
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Integrate With Any Calendar

Pair Notion with all calendars

Morgen connects with all your calendars.

Whether you use Outlook, Apple, Google, Exchange, Fastmail, a niche CalDAV, or a mix there of, you can connect them all to Morgen.

This isn't just a calendar view for Notion.

  • See your Notion tasks alongside your calendar
  • Drag and drop tasks into your calendar for effortless time blocking
  • Time blocks are added to your connected calendars, defending planned work time from double bookings
Connect Notion to all your calendars.
Configured Your Way

Flexibly configured by you

Set the integration to work just the way you want it to.

When you integrate Notion and Morgen, you configure the integration, deciding:

  • which databases and tasks to integrate
  • how your tasks should be grouped and sorted
  • what info is imported (labels, due dates, assignees, etc.)
Configure the integration to work for you.
Mark It Complete

Your task status syncs

Mark a task complete in Morgen and it will sync the status in Notion.

Notion and Morgen are always in sync.

When you mark a task complete in your calendar, the status in Notion will update automatically.

Then take a moment to celebrate!

Celebtrate each task marked as complete

Advanced Time Blocking

Time Blocking is one of the most effective ways to protect the time you need to focus on work that matters.

Available on Mobile

Our Android and iOS apps and widgets let you know what to tackle next, time block new tasks, and mark tasks complete while on the go.

Add more sessions

Not every task fits in one time block. Schedule multiple sessions for large tasks with a simple copy/paste.

Mark it Free or Busy

Set important task-time to busy to protect that time from being booked through scheduling links.

Select the Calendar

Have one calendar dedicated to tasks, or schedule tasks across different calendars.

Notion, Meet Your New Daily Planner

Time block to protect your time

Because Morgen integrates all your calendars, you can realistically plan all your tasks and projects from Notion in your calendar, around your other commitments.

Morgen gives you the flexibility to adapt your plan easily - add extra time blocks for big tasks, extend work sessions, or drag them to another time.
Coming Soon: Linear, ClickUp and Obsidian
Add tasks into your calendar to block time for focused work.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Notion integration with Morgen differ from Notion Calendar?
The biggest differences in managing your Notion tasks in Morgen instead of Notion Calendar are:

- Scheduled tasks are added to your underlying calendars, not planned as a layer on top. This means that when you schedule Notion tasks and mark them as busy you are protecting that work time when colleagues or those with your scheduling links check when you're available.

- Schedule Notion tasks in all your calendars, not just Google Calendars. Any calendar account connected to Morgen will work with Notion tasks.

- Support for big tasks. Not all tasks will be achieved in one work session. Copy and paste big tasks into multiple blocks across your calendar.

- Available on all platforms, including Android and Linux

- .... and of course, confetti 🎉
What calendars can I use with the Notion integration?
Any calendar you connect in Morgen, can be used to schedule Notion tasks.
Even if you use Apple Calendar for your personal life, Outlook at work, and Fastmail for your side hustle, you can schedule Notion tasks across all of these.
We recommend you select a default calendar for your scheduled tasks in the settings, being the one you plan to schedule the most tasks in. You can then always pick a different calendar destination for individual scheduled tasks from Notion.
Which Notion tasks will be imported to Morgen?
When you configure your Notion integration, you decide which pages to include and which tasks should be imported. We recommend you import tasks that will benefit from being planned in your calendar.
You can decide whether to import:
- all tasks or only those with due dates
- only those tasks assigned to you or all your team's tasks
You can also select which properties from Notion should be included in Morgen, so you can see the information you need quickly.
Can I update my Notion tasks from Morgen?
Right now, the only property that can be updated in Morgen and synced with Notion is status, moving tasks from To-Do to Done.
Other properties, such as your notes, deadlines, importance, etc. can only be modified in Notion.Each task has a quick link out to the source task in Notion, making those updates easy.
Is the Notion integration available on all plans?
Morgen task integrations are available to Morgen Pro subscribers. You can test it during your 14 day free trial to see if it's right for you.

Ready to get started?

Bring Notion together with your calendars, scheduling, and time blocking together.