June 6, 2023
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Fastmail and Morgen: Empowering Productivity while Protecting Privacy

Marketing @ Morgen
Fastmail and Morgen: Empowering Productivity while Protecting Privacy

In an era where personal data is often treated as currency, Fastmail offers a refreshing alternative. They firmly believe that your digital footprint deserves respect and that you should maintain ownership and control over it. As they aptly state, "you are our customer, not our product."

We could not feel more aligned.

What sets Fastmail apart is their user-centric approach to email, supporting your productivity goals without compromising your privacy. Their feature-rich inbox empowers you to set rules, snooze messages, schedule replies, and seamlessly integrate events into your calendar—all from within your email environment.

Given the significant overlap in our values, we are thrilled to partner with Fastmail. David Tedaldi, CEO of Morgen, emphasizes, "You shouldn't have to sacrifice personal privacy for excellent tools. Our partnership with Fastmail reinforces our commitment to these shared principles."

Unlock Enhanced Productivity with Fastmail and Morgen

Fastmail brings together privacy-first email, contact management, and calendaring.

For Fastmail users, Morgen has long been a trusted ally in time management. Unlike most calendaring apps that only integrate the giant email services, Morgen supports a diverse range of tools, including Fastmail.

We’ve now enhanced the experience for Fastmail users by introducing an OAuth protocol. By employing authorization tokens, OAuth ensures your data security while granting you access to Morgen's full suite of features.

When you connect your Fastmail account with Morgen, you can:

  • Seamlessly manage your Fastmail calendar along with other calendars, enabling holistic time management across work and personal life.
  • Effortlessly schedule meetings using Morgen's booking page or scheduling links.
  • Organize tasks alongside your calendar and time block by simply dragging tasks from your to-dos onto your Fastmail calendar  

Long-time Morgen/Fastmail user Tom Mault, is excited to see a closer partnership between the two tools he depends on daily. "I am super excited about the partnership between Fastmail and Morgen. I run a team of 10 high performing technology consultants and Morgen has been awesome for helping me keep on top of tasks and batching out chunks of my day to get stuff done. Now it seamlessly integrates with Fastmail, which I have been using and trusting with my personal data for years."

Just like Fastmail, we firmly believe that your data is yours alone. You have complete control over the information you choose to share with Morgen, and we guarantee that we will never sell or distribute your data.  

Helen Horstmann-Allen, COO of Fastmail, recognizes the time-saving potential of using Fastmail and Morgen together, stating, "Fastmail is proud to partner with Morgen, a company that embodies our core value of keeping your data private and simplifies your day by connecting your productivity tools."

Connect Fastmail with Morgen in Minutes

The Morgen app is available on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, and Android. To get started:

  1. Sign up and download the desktop version of Morgen.
  2. When prompted to connect a calendar, select Fastmail.
  3. Sign in with Fastmail to authorize the integration and optionally connect to Morgen Cloud to enable more features such as booking pages, scheduling links, and access to your Fastmail calendar from iOS and Android.
  4. Personalize your Morgen settings to tailor the experience to your needs.

Supercharge your productivity while safeguarding your privacy.  

Start using Fastmail and Morgen together today.