April 16, 2024

Fastmail and Morgen partner to power up your calendar

Marketing @Morgen
Fastmail and Morgen partner to power up your calendar
"We're strong believers in interoperability — allowing users to choose the best tool for their needs, via open standards and data portability." Bron Gondwana, Fastmail CEO  

Productivity is personal, which is why Morgen integrates with your chosen productivity stack. Until now however, our calendar automation sidekick Morgen Assist worked only with Google and Outlook calendars.  

In partnership with Fastmail, Morgen Assist now powers custom automation with your Fastmail calendar, making it the first CalDAV to have access to these features.

This is an expansion of our partnership with Fastmail. Last year we launched an OAuth for Fastmail to strengthen the security and stability of the integration with Morgen. Since, many users have their Fastmail calendars connected to Morgen to manage their calendar alongside their work calendars, to time block their Notion, Linear, and Todoist tasks, and to create and share scheduling links.

Now, as a complement to Fastmail’s productivity-rich feature set, users can now set up smart automations using Morgen Assist.

“Fastmail was an obvious integration priority for Morgen Assist, and one that our users have been asking for. It’s been motivating to work alongside Fastmail to enhance both our platforms and offer people who use both Morgen and Fastmail, even greater choices for how they manage their time.” David Tedaldi, Morgen CEO

Ready to deploy smart automations in Fastmail?

When you connect your Fastmail calendar with Morgen, you can choose from a number of customizable workflows in the Morgen Assist platform.  

These are our top 3 recommendations for getting started.

1. Schedule Buffers and Travel:

If your days are filled with meetings, auto-scheduling buffers and travel in your calendar ensures you have the time you need to be effective and ready.

Buffer time adds a much-needed breathers between meetings. You configure whether the buffer falls before or after meetings and set a responsive duration based on the length of those meetings. Additionally, if your event has a physical location, you can opt to have travel time blocked in your calendar based on your preferred method of travel. And don’t worry, travel time calculations consider rush hour, train schedules, or even if the meeting you’re biking to is at the top of a big hill.

Turn on travel time and buffer to auto-schedule the time you need around events and meetings.

2. Sync events across calendars:

If you use other calendars in addition to Fastmail, you can block events from one calendar into another.  

For instance, if you use Fastmail for your personal calendar and Outlook at work, you can sync events into that Outlook calendar from Fastmail. The details of these events will not be imported into Outlook, keeping them private, however the time will be blocked, preventing meetings from being booked at that time.  

Additionally with Nerd Mode you can configure which events should be synced, be it based on event types or timing.

Sync events from Fastmail privately with your Outlook and Google calendars.

3. Increase time for deep work:

If you use your Fastmail calendar with a team, you can opt to have flexible team meetings rescheduled in a way that prioritizes blocks of focused work time for all meeting participants. This removes the “meeting math” from everyone’s planning efforts, while reducing context switching throughout the day.

Morgen Assist can reschedule flexible meetings to optimize for large blocks of deep work.

What’s more, Morgen Assist will soon deploy smart time blocking, helping you time block work on important tasks into your Fastmail calendar from your Notion, Linear, or Todoist accounts.  

We’re excited to now offer those connecting Fastmail a richer experience in Morgen and to continue to deepen this partnership which is proving valuable to so many users.

"The functionality that Morgen Assist offers is hugely beneficial to any kind of calendar user.” Yara Beadenkopf, Fastmail Backend Developer