July 29, 2022
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Funding Announcement: Our investors are also avid users

David Tedaldi
CEO @ Morgen
Funding Announcement: Our investors are also avid users

When Marco first started building MineTime (Morgen’s predecessor), we knew he was onto something. Yet we didn’t expect that early prototype of an AI-powered calendar, designed with Linux users in mind, to gain so much traction so quickly.

It soon became clear, people were hungry for a smarter, streamlined and efficient way to manage their time. And the solution needed to mirror the way that they worked – often on multiple platforms and juggling both personal and professional calendars.

We’ve remained focused on creating a single source of truth for people’s time, eliminating the need to flip between calendars, productivity and scheduling apps. We bootstrapped and kept chipping away at our product roadmap, heavily influenced by our users’ needs and feedback. (Thanks to those of you who subscribed to Morgen in those early days and stuck with us. You helped shape the product you see today and we’re forever grateful!)

Now, with a proven product, solid user base and a new name, we decided it was time to accelerate development. We’re excited to announce our pre-seed funding round of $1 million.

This funding allows us to speed up product development, layer in new intelligence features, launch our mobile apps (which are now in a closed Beta), and integrate with even more time management tools. We're moving faster and can better respond to the changing needs of how people work and manage their time.

As we embark on this next chapter, we remain committed to the principles that have always guided us, namely:

  • Empower with tools and information: We want to give people the tools and information they need to better manage their time in line with their priorities. As we add intelligence features, we aren’t looking to schedule people’s days for them, but rather to empower them with personalized recommendations for how they can make the most of their time.
  • Offer an exceptional user experience: A great experience is central to helping people stick with tools and make the most of them. We’re committed to an excellent and intuitive Morgen experience across all platforms and integrations.  
  • Listen and learn: We love learning how people use Morgen and what more they can get from our platform. It’s why we prioritize and respond to feedback from our users.
  • Protect privacy: We are committed to protecting our customers’ privacy. We will never sell or share their data.

At the end of the day, we are passionate about helping people manage all aspects of their time and are excited to keep building a platform that our users love.  

We’re lucky to have a group of investors who share in our vision and who believe in these same guiding principles.

Funding was led by VI Partners, Switzerland’s longest established VC firm. Their proven track record of investing in cutting edge technology and finding innovative approaches to helping people work better has been a perfect fit.

Olivier Laplace, Partner at VI Partners, led the financing round and has quickly become an invaluable advisor. “At VI Partners, we are passionate about the use of AI and data to increase talent productivity and wellbeing. We are convinced that Morgen’s innovative approach to time management will empower workers to take control of their time, better organizing all aspects of their professional and personal lives in line with what matters most to them.”

New Forge, an angel partner committed to turning bold ideas into scaling businesses, also made an important contribution to this round.

Alexander Hochgürtel, Partner at New Forge is not just an investor, but also a Morgen power user. "Marco and David's vision for helping people manage their scarcest resource – time – is based on a deep understanding of the challenges and problems people are trying to solve. Their plans for layering in additional intelligence, smart scheduling and team collaboration will unleash new possibilities for how people manage time."

They are joined by Angels Cornelia Gut-Villa and Cyrill Osterwalder, and accelerator SIT StartGarden.

To our investors, thank you for your confidence in our team and belief in our vision. We’re excited to work hard together and make something truly transformative.

To those who use Morgen, thank you for being part of this journey. We remain committed to helping you make the most of your time. Great things are coming your way!