Connect Fastmail, save 25%.
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Fastmail x Morgen

Power up your Fastmail calendar with
advanced time blocking, seamless scheduling, and syncing with other calendars in Morgen.  

New: Fastmail is the first CalDAV to work with Morgen Assist. You can now layer in smart scheduling automations.
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Data security

Data security and privacy you (and your IT department) can trust. Morgen is committed to protecting your privacy. We will never share or sell your data, and only request access to data necessary for the services you choose. 
Bring Your Calendars Together

Manage Fastmail With Any Other Calendar

Morgen connects with all your calendars.

When you consolidate all your calendars in Morgen, you can manage your time from one integrated interface.

Even if Fastmail is your calendar of choice, but at work you use Outlook, you can now manage your time holistically from Morgen.

Morgen uses an OAuth to integrate Fastmail accounts, ensuring the security and stability of the integration.

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Get It Done

Manage and Track Tasks

Morgen integrates tasks from a range of task and project managers.

Transform to-do lists packed with good intentions into realistic action plans, with efficient prioritization, planning, and time blocking.

Use the Morgen Task Manager, or integrate your favorite task manager, including:

  • Linear
  • Notion
  • Todoist
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Your Daily Planner

Time Block in your Fastmail Calendar

Drop to-dos from Morgen's task manager in your calendar to realistically and intentionally plan your time. Protect dedicated work blocks and schedule recurring tasks effortlessly.
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Seamless Scheduling

Hassle-Free Scheduling Made Simple

Use Morgen scheduling links and open invites for each scheduling.

Invite others to book your time when it works best for you both.

Morgen checks your real-time availability in your Fastmail calendar to prevent scheduling conflicts. Simply share your availability in seconds using:

  • Scheduling Links
  • 1:1 Open Invites
  • Personalized Booking Page (unindexed)
  • Scheduling widget on your website
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Smart Calendar Management

Automate Scheduling

See when your team is available to meet.

Deploy and customize smart automations to run in your Fastmail calendar with Morgen Assist.

  • Buffer and Travel Time
  • Cross calendar sync
  • Focus time optimizer
  • Coming soon: Smart time blocking
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Designed for how you work

Morgen's intuitive design makes it fast to manage your time then get on with your day.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Fly through your calendar effortlessly.

Command bar

Create events and tasks in seconds using natural language.  


Quickly find past and future events and tasks with powerful search. 

Quick Join

Join virtual meetings with a single click from your phone or desktop. 

One-Click Virtual Rooms

Integrate your Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex to include virtual room details in 1-click. 

Light or dark

Enjoy Morgen in light or dark themes, or let it adapt based on your operating system settings. 

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Supercharge your productivity with Morgen's enhanced calendar features.