September 21, 2023
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Get Morgen on iOS and Android

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Before you install Morgen for mobile

If you are new to Morgen, you will need to first install and set-up Morgen for desktop. You can connect your calendars and integrations during the desktop set-up. Here’s a quick guide for getting started with Morgen on Mac, Windows, and Linux.

Also note that there is different mobile access, depending on your subscription type. If you are on Morgen Basic you will have read-only access in the mobile app, while those with Morgen Pro will have full-feature access.

How to access and install Morgen's mobile apps

On the App Store and Google Play Store, search for 'Morgen Calendar'.

Once you have downloaded Morgen, you will be asked to sign-in using the same email address as you used to set up your Morgen account. (Note: It is case sensitive.)

You will then receive a confirmation code sent via email. Enter that the code to be logged in.

Connect your calendars to the Morgen cloud

To access your calendars on mobile, you will need to connect them to the Morgen cloud. To do so, from your desktop app:

  • Click on your profile picture.
  • From the dropdown, select Preferences.
  • From the menu, select Calendars.
  • For each calendar you have connected to Morgen, if it is not yet connected to the Morgen Cloud, click on Connect to Morgen Cloud.
  • Once you have done so, in Morgen's mobile calendar view, click on the top right ... > Calendars. You can then toggle on and off any connected calendar.

If, before connecting to the Morgen Cloud you want to learn more about how we store your data, review our privacy policy.

Morgen mobile updates

We update the mobile app frequently with details of each release outlined in our changelog. You can check the latest changelog from the app. Simply click on your profile page > What's New to open the log.

Add the Morgen widget

Once the app is installed, you can add our mobile widget.

To install the Morgen widgets on iOS:  

  • Touch and hold an empty area on the home screen until the apps jiggle
  • Tap the + button in the upper left
  • Search Morgen in the search bar and then select
  • Tap Add Widget
  • Tap Done

On Android, to add the widget to your home screens:

  • Long tap the Morgen icon
  • Select Widgets
Morgen works across you iOS and Android devices.
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