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How to schedule tasks in your calendar

Odds are, you already block time for events in your calendar. Whether it's a weekly meeting that lasts two hours, a trip to the gym, or plans for lunch, scheduling events makes it easier to plan your days and helps others see when you're available.

The same is true for tasks. When you make a to-do list, you probably have a mix of one-off quick tasks alongside bigger ones that require both time and focus. Rather than simply parking those substantive tasks on your to-do list in the same way you would a 5 minute job, you can schedule dedicated time in your Morgen calendar to get the job done.

Time blocking is an effective strategy to ensure you carve out and protect dedicated focused time - ensuring you get the work done, at the quality you want, and in the most efficient way possible.

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Create a new task

It's easy to create a new task in Morgen. On the left sidebar select the Tasks tab, then simply type the task in the New Task field. You can create multiple task lists or just manage one big list overall.

Learn more about creating and managing tasks by watching this video.

Schedule a task

You can use a mix of open-ended and deadline-driven tasks in Morgen. Open-ended refers to those things you want/need to do, but that don't have a firm deadline. In contrast, you can add due dates and priority levels in Morgen for deadline-driven tasks, making it easy to sort and schedule to-dos based on their timelines and importance.

To assign a due date and/or priority to any task, simply click on it and add that information into the display that pops up. Morgen shows the due date in the Tasks list in the sidebar. When a task is not marked as complete by its deadline, Morgen will bump it up to a task list called Something Left Behind, making it easy to see what urgently needs your attention.

Once you set a due date, that date will appear in your task list next to the corresponding to-do.

It can be helpful to schedule certain tasks in your calendar to ensure you have the time you need to complete them. For example, you may have tasks that need to be completed before specific events, such as preparing for a meeting.

To schedule a task, simply drag it from the Morgen sidebar into the calendar. The task is then added to the calendar and removed from the sidebar.

To change the duration of the task in your calendar, you can either stretch the event or double-click the task to open a dialog where you can add parameters to the task entry.

Set a duration for specific tasks in the open dialogue or by simply stretching the scheduled task in your calendar to span the time you'll need.

You can always reschedule the task by dragging it to a different time and day. For tasks that will take multiple blocks of time to complete, simply copy and paste the task as many times as you want.

When you've completed the task, simply click on its checkbox and celebrate with a splash of confetti. Completed tasks remain in the calendar.

Set scheduled task details

When you schedule a task, by default Morgen will consider you to be busy at that time. This will be applied to your booking page and scheduling links, so no one will be able to book time with you during these time blocks. If you wish, you can set your availability as free; double-click the task and click the word Busy in the dialog to bring up a menu, then select Free. In such cases, your booking page and scheduling links will indicate you are free at these times.

You can choose whether to mark your time as Free or Busy during scheduled tasks.

Custom reminders can also be set for tasks. As you can see above, the default reminder is 30 minutes before the task's start time. This can be customized as you would like.

Unschedule or delete a task

If you want to unschedule a task, and return it to the Tasks list in the sidebar, click the task in the calendar and press the Delete key. Morgen displays a dialog asking what you want to do. Click Unschedule Only to unschedule the task, or Delete to delete it completely from both the calendar and your list.

When deleting a task from your calendar, select whether to delete the task entirely or simply to unschedule it.

Integration with other task managers

Morgen integrates with a number of popular task managers. If you click + near the top of the Tasks list, an Integrations dialog displays. Currently, Morgen integrates with Todoist, Google Tasks, Microsoft To Do, and Outlook, with more integrations coming soon.

With those integrations, you will see all the lists, tasks and subtasks from the original task manager appear alongside your Morgen calendar. Due dates, if set in the original task manager, will also carry through to Morgen. If you have multiple task managers integrated and use Morgen's native task manager, you can switch between lists by simply clicking the corresponding icon at the top of the tasks tab.

Each integrated task manager maintains a distinct task list in Morgen. Toggle between lists using the corresponding icons.

When you mark a task as complete in Morgen, it will synch with the integrated task manager. For example, if you integrate Todoist and Morgen, once an item is marked as complete in Morgen, it will also be considered complete in ToDoist.

If there is a task manager you would like to see integrated with Morgen, please add it to our Roadmap.

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