September 21, 2023

Set custom notifications for each calendar

Marketing @ Morgen

Every calendar serves a different purpose, which means you may want to adjust your notifications for each one.

With Morgen, you first set your notifications by calendar. This is done on the desktop app, but is carried across all your instances of Morgen, including on iOS and Android.

How to set-up notifications

On your Morgen desktop app:

  • Click on your profile photo in the bottom left corner
  • Select Preferences from the menu
  • Select Calendar from the left menu
  • Next to each calendar listed, click on …
  • Select Notification Settings

From there you will set notifications for timed events (events in your calendar as well as scheduled tasks) and all-day events. You can set as many notifications as you would like for each calendar.

Why don’t I see my notifications

If you have notifications set up per calendar, but you are not receiving them, this may because:

  • Notifications need to be enabled: You haven’t enabled notifications from Morgen in your operating system (be it on your desktop or mobile).  
  • On mobile, your calendars aren't connected to the Morgen cloud: Your Morgen mobile app will only show you those calendars that are connected to the Morgen cloud, and relatedly, only deliver notifications for those calendars. Learn how to connect your calendars to the cloud here.
  • You’re in Focus/DND mode: If you’re in Focus mode, Morgen’s notifications will be paused.

Note that you can also add extra notifications for specific events and scheduled tasks that will be delivered in addition to the calendar-based notifications. These types of notifications are only delivered on Desktop. You can learn more about setting up event- and scheduled task- based notifications here.

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