One Calendar App, All Platforms

Designed for Linux

Finally, a calendar app that is easily configured and beautiful to use on Linux.

Integrate all your calendars, task managers, video conferencing, and scheduling into one powerful app.
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Designed for how you work

Streamline your time management across all devices, operating systems, calendars, and more.


Use one Morgen account across all your devices on Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

All Your Calendars

Integrate all your calendars to manage your time holistically, including Google, Outlook, Apple, CalDAV and self-hosted calendars.


Morgen was born out of frustration with the lack of good calendar options on Linux. Available on Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, and more.

One-Click Virtual Rooms

Integrate your Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Webex to include virtual room details in 1-click. 

Intuitive Shortcuts

Fly through your calendar effortlessly with keyboard shortcuts and command bar.

Light or Dark

Enjoy Morgen in light or dark themes, or let it adapt based on your operating system settings. 

Connects All Calendars

Manage your time across all of your calendars

Morgen connects all your calendars, including niche CalDAVs.

No special configurations, plugins or extensions needed.

Consolidate, manage and sync your calendars in Morgen's Linux app. Even Outlook and Exchange are seamlessly managed together.

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Get More Done

Manage and Track Your Tasks

Integrate your task managers for easy task planning and scheduling.

Transform to-do lists packed with good intentions into realistic action plans, with efficient prioritization, planning, and time blocking.

Use Morgen tasks for planning and time blocking, or integrate:

  • Todoist
  • Microsoft Todo
  • Google Tasks
  • Outlook
  • Coming Soon! Linear
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Integrated Scheduling

Time Blocking for Ultimate Task Management

Easily share your availability with Morgen Scheduling Links, Open Invites, or your personal Booking Page. Our scheduling tools sync in real time with your calendars so they always reflect your up to date availability.
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What Linux users say about Morgen

Andreas, Ubuntu 20.04

Other solutions (Gnome calendar) are a struggle, and also have a bad event creation experience, or only work in a browser.

Jian-Jia, Ubuntu 20.04

It's beautiful and I can have two different calendars in one, so no more double-booking.

Jose', Arch Linux 5.12.12

One, Linux support. I bounce between macOS and Linux, and haven't found a good, reliable way to access multiple calendars on Linux... until now.

Daniel, pop 21.04

Most desktop calendars (on Linux at least) are pretty rudimentary and integration with cloud providers is hit and miss. Morgen ticks all the boxes and gives me the flexibility to view the calendar in a variety of ways.


Morgen is more polished than any other Linux calendar. The UI resembles that of Fantastical.

Sasha, Linux Mint 20.2

Works great on Linux, has many great features, easy to use, and looks nice.

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