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Finally, a Linux calendar app that is easily configured and beautiful to use. Merge and manage Google Calendar, Exchange on Premise, Office 365, Apple Calendar, Fastmail, and any CalDAV and self-hosted calendars.
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Connect all your calendars

No special configurations, plugins or extensions needed. Consolidate, manage and sync your calendars in the Linux app. Even Outlook and Exchange are seamlessly managed with Morgen.

What Linux users say about Morgen

Ubuntu 20.04
Other solutions (Gnome calendar) are a struggle, and also have a bad event creation experience, or only work in a browser.
Arch Linux 5.12.12
One, Linux support. I bounce between macOS and Linux, and haven't found a good, reliable way to access multiple calendars on Linux.
It's more polished as compared to other Linux calendars. The UI resembles that of Fantastical.
Ubuntu 20.04
It's beautiful and I can have two different calendars in one, so no double-booking.
pop 21.04
Most desktop calendars (on Linux at least) are pretty rudimentary and integration with cloud-providers is hit and miss. Morgen ticks all the boxes and gives me the flexibility to view the calendar in variety of ways.
Linux Mint 20.2
Works fine on linux, has many useful features, easy to use, looks nice.

Your data, your choice

With Morgen, your personal information remains yours. We will never serve you ads, sell, or share your data. By default, your data syncs locally.  Only when you opt-in to certain advanced features that use integrations or involve third party scheduling, will your credentials be stored on our cloud. The choice is yours.

Save time with shortcuts

Easily do anything in Morgen with the click of your keyboard. Switch views, join calls, create events and more with smart shortcuts.

Cross-platform compatible

Morgen works on Linux, Microsoft, MacOS, Android and iOS, making switching between devices and operating systems a breeze.

Time blocking

Use Morgen’s task manager or one of our integrations to plan, track and time block to-dos. Simply drag and drop tasks right into your calendar to schedule time for focused work.

Scheduling simplified

Easily share your availability with Morgen scheduling links or your personal booking page. Morgen’s scheduling tools will always stay updated with your latest availability, even as your calendar books up.

Calendars, task management, time blocking, and scheduling on Ubuntu, Fedora, Arch, and (almost) any other Linux distribution

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Free 14 days trial. No credit card required.