Hassle-free scheduling

Morgen embeds powerful scheduling tools in your calendar, eliminating the hassle of back-and-forth coordination emails.
Meetings should fit in your calendar based on your priorities and availability. When you use Morgen scheduling links or your customizable booking page:  
  • You pick your availabilities based on your priorities
  • Morgen cross-checks against all of your calendars
  • Your invitees select the time that works for them
  • Everyone saves time

Effortlessly control your schedule

Customize how and when your time gets booked. You decide what time slots to make available and set the scheduling rules. Morgen generates custom scheduling links you can share based on your specifications.

Real-time availability check

Morgen cross-checks your availability against your calendars (be it all of them or a subset you choose), so your invitees will only see time slots when you’re available.
If one of your events should not be considered as busy time by Morgen, simply save it as “Free”
Productivity tip

Your personalized booking page

In addition to scheduling links, you can also customize your Morgen booking page. Your page will always reflect your real-time availability based on your calendars and the rules you’ve set. It’s easy to share and can be embedded in your website.

Rescheduling made easy

Your invitees can update, reschedule and cancel meetings using the link you share. Your calendar will always be updated with the new time and details.

Morgen makes scheduling easier than ever

Set up easy scheduling with Morgen.

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