November 6, 2023

Automatically add prep time for important meetings via Morgen Assist

Luke Barnard
Engineer @Morgen
Automatically add prep time for important meetings via Morgen Assist

We’ve all been there. A notification comes in 10 minutes before the biggest meeting in the week, but are you prepared? Well, hopefully you scheduled time for that, right? Oh you didn’t? Yikes.

Time to scramble some sort of script together, or a few slides with a few emoji sprinkled on there? Maybe a hockey-stick graph from last quarter. Nice.

But if only you could be better prepared next time.

With Morgen Assist’s Custom Workflows, you can automatically schedule preparation events for important meetings with a simple hashtag. Sounds #great, but how is it done?

  • Create a new custom workflow
  • Trigger on calendar events that contain the hashtag #prep-time-30m
  • Write an API call to create a 30m prep event prior to the meeting

Once the workflow is saved, it’s already scanning for changes in your calendar. As soon as a new one comes in with the special hashtag, a preparation event will be added.

Schedule prep and recovery before and after your most important meetings.

You can easily imagine that this could be expanded to a number of different use-cases with some very minor modifications:

  • Schedule wrap-up events too, for note taking, sending emails or just taking some time to unwind before the next time.
  • Adjust the amount of prep time based on the hashtag, “-1h” for that important call with a potential new investor, and perhaps “-10m” for the morning standup whilst you’re at it.
  • Invite other participants to the prep time depending on the participants of the meeting - maybe the weekly all-hands needs someone technically minded to make sure Zoom is set-up properly.