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Tired of splitting your time between Apple Calendar, work calendars, task managers, planners, and schedulers? Let Morgen consolidate it all.
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Connect all your calendars

Manage all your calendars from one place using Morgen. Morgen gives you a consolidated view of your time by bringing together your Apple, Google, Office, Exchange, all CalDAVs,  and any other calendar in one app.

Use Morgen on all devices

Morgen syncs across platforms, so if you use an Android phone or have a Windows computer for work, you can use Morgen across your devices.

Morgen is available on Mac, iOS, Windows, Android, and Linux.

Time block to get more done

Drag and drop to-dos right into your calendar to schedule time to book protected time for focused work. Morgen integrates with popular task managers like Todoist and Microsoft To Do to make it easy to keep all your to-dos visible alongside your calendar.

Ditch the scheduler

Morgen has scheduling tools built-in, which are continuously updating your availability based on your calendar. With Morgen, you have access to scheduling links, a customizable booking page, and (in Beta) availability sharing. Gone are the days of paying for a separate scheduling service.

Light and Dark Mode

Morgen is available in both light and dark mode. Choose your preference and easily toggle between.

Why Mac users love Morgen

Integrates with your tools

Morgen syncs with all calendars, the most popular task managers, virtual conferencing tools, and more.

Create virtual meetings in 1 click

When you connect your Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and Webex accounts, you can add virtual rooms to any meeting invites in 1-click. Plus meetings booked through scheduling links and your booking page will automatically set up virtual conferencing details.

Coordinate across time zones

Easily coordinate with your global team by setting secondary time zones in Morgen.

Your data is secure and private

We will never serve you ads or sell your data. By default, Morgen synchronizes your calendar data locally. Your account credentials will not be stored on our cloud unless you opt-in for advanced features such as Shared Availability and Scheduling Links.

The best calendar app for Mac and iOS.

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Free 14 days trial. No credit card required.